Which day is Olympic day

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In 2008 , the August 8 th is the Olympic day , as the 2008 Beijing Olympic games is opening on that day .

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Q: Which day is Olympic day
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When was Olympic Day Run created?

Olympic Day Run was created in 1987.

How many days does the Olympic 3 Day Eventing Competition last?

The Olympic 3 Day Eventing Competition lasts 3 days.

How many weeks will the Olympic torch be traveling for?

The Olympic torch starts travelling the day day after the previous Olympics ends. And every twelve days it takes a fourteen day break in a different town.

What day was the Olympic in 2010?

February 12 was the starting day.. February 28 was the closing day.

When is the last day of 2012 Olympic?

the last day of the Olympics is the 12th of august.

Who was the inventor of modern day Olympic games?


When was the first olympic day celebrated?


How long does an olympic athlete train each day?

3-4 hours a day

What is the size of the modern day Olympic race track?

Modern Olympic Tracks are 400m, Ancient Tracks are 440 yards

When will be the last day for olympic 2008?

24th August

When was the exact length of the Olympic marathon established?

the olympic marathon length was first established in 1897 the day of Jessie James's death

What is the value of 4 cent V111 Olympic Winter Games first day cover stamp?

The 1964 Winter Olympic Scott 1146 was issued to commemorate the 1964 Winter Olympics. It pictures a snowflake and the Olympic Rings. The First Day Cover can be purchased for a couple dollars from most dealers.

What would an Olympic athlete eat a day?

Mostly protein

How long did it take to build Olympic park?

one day

What do modern day Olympic athletes sacrifice if they do not win?

Their lives

Length of the very first olympic games?

one day

What was the site of the first modern day Olympic Games?


What specific date was the olympic flag raised in Vncouver?

The day it does

Where is the modern day olympic going to be?

It will be held in standford london.

When was the modern day olympic flag created and when was it inaugurated?


Which Olympic three day team won gold in the 2000 Sydney three day event?


What is some ancient or modern day olympic events?

Ancident Olympic events still existing today include: Marathon Javelin throw Wrestling

Which Olympic Three day event team won gold in the 2000 Sydney Three day Event?


When was the olympic opening ceremony last held in the day time?


What day does the Olympic 2012 start?

SUnday 30th july 2012