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They provide a wide audience with entertainment.

They also bring in a high level of income for performers.

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Q: Why extreme sports should not be banned?
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Should extreme sports be banned?

Of course not. Its fun for people. No way, extreme sports shouldn't be banned, I like taking the risk.

Why should Extreme sports be banned?

To begin with, Extreme Sports are tons of fun! They are completely adrenalin packed as well and it'd be pretty bad to see the looks on people's faces if they were taken away from them!In my opinion, Extreme Sports shouldn't be banned but if you think that Extreme Sports should be banned then feel free to go by your own opinion! Here are some reasons why Extreme Sports should be banned:- They are of high risk and could easily cause your death- If someone dies, their loved ones will be left very upset- They have been many many deaths over the past two decades!- So if we keep Extreme Sports on the go, there will be lots of more deaths- If we keep Extreme Sports, many little children who view these acts will be tempted to try the same thing which would not end happily for the little kidI hope these reasons helped you Wether you're writing an exposition or just proving a point. :O)

Should sports in schools be banned?

Dude! Anyone who thinks they should be band talk to me about it!I'd loved to hear what they say !If you don't want to do them, then don't do them!But for those of us who are athletetic have an opportunity to do them! * Sports should not be banned from the schools.. Sports are very beneficial for the students if used/taught properly. Football, soccer, baseball, softball, weight lifting, field hockey ect. teach children about teamwork,good sportsmanship,physical fitness and much more. * Sports also benefit the parents as well by allowing them to spend more time with their children and be part of what their child likes to do,the parents go to the events and take part in their child's accomplishments as well as their failures in the sport,they get to meet the teachers and coaches and the other parents and the other students and be involved with them also which is a benefit to those parents who have a busy life and cant be involved with the PTA on a regular basis.. It should be manditory that any Students that do not maintain at least a C average in all of their classes be banned from playing sports in school until their grades improve..Sports can not take priority over solid education.. * If you are speaking of banning the sports that are played during P.E. (gym class) then NO they should not be banned either.Children need to be physically active and do more than just sit around at school or at home. The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate, with 1 out of 3 school children now considered to be obese. They need P.E. at school since obviously most of them don't get it at home..

Why should sports be banned?

well they shouldn't banned sports but people get hurt in sports and schools don't want people to sewing the school

Should steroids be banned from sports?

yes steroids should be banned from sports because people who play sports work hard to get up to where they are at and if a person uses steroids and beats them that hardcore cheating right there and its not fair

Extreme sport should be banned or not?

No it shouldn't they are fun and are safe at the same time :)

Should school sports be banned?

it depends on the school but i dont think they should be banned because it gives you something to do whenever your bored:)

Should sports day be banned?

No because kids like it and they will get fit.

Should contact sports be banned from schools?

no because there will be riots if this happens

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