Why drugs affect you in sport?

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Q: Why drugs affect you in sport?
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How does drugs affect your sport?

Drugs slower the nervous system.

What drugs affect sport performance?

ALL DRUGS will affect your performance in some sort of way.

Why do drugs affect sport performance?

Damon salvatore!

What is the affect of drugs in sport?

you can get suspended from what you do or can be ejected from the team you are currently on at any time.

How do drugs affect sport performance answer for this question?

Drugs effect nerves in your body that can paralyze you so you wouldn't be able to play sports

How does performance enhancing drugs affect you in sport?

well it gives u a massive advantage aganist other

What are the consequences of using drugs in sport?

If you are in a sport and use drugs, you will either be suspended from the sport or kicked out in general.. My advise to you: DON'T USE DRUGS!!

How will drugs and alchol affect your sports training and performances?

taking in alcohol while doing a sport can make you sleepy during the sport and lowers your inbitoins doing drugs can be a distraction making you tired and messing with your heart rate.

Why do drugs not belong in martial arts?

Drugs don't belong in any sport or activity. One of the primary goals of the martial arts is to make a person a better member of society. Drugs tend to have the opposite affect.

what is sport drugs?


What are sport drugs?


What are the bad effects of taking drugs while playing a professional sport?

it depends on what sport it is and what drugs the performer is using, but most drugs in sport are illegal and will usually end up in the performer being banned

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