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Q: Why are drugs in sport bad?
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What are the bad effects of taking drugs while playing a professional sport?

it depends on what sport it is and what drugs the performer is using, but most drugs in sport are illegal and will usually end up in the performer being banned

Why are drugs bad for sport?

It depends if it is a legal or an illegal drug. Illegal drugs such as heroine, drugs that hallucinate you are bad for sports. Steroids counts as cheating, and could mean a disqualification.

What are the consequences of using drugs in sport?

If you are in a sport and use drugs, you will either be suspended from the sport or kicked out in general.. My advise to you: DON'T USE DRUGS!!

Why is drugs in sport bad?

Some drugs can enhance the sport competitors strength and stamina when playing a sport. This makes it unfair to those who are playing the game fairly and without drugs. It's especially important in sports such as sprinting and swimming, as every second counts i think that when you use drugs it gives you an effect that just mkaes you feel unreal.

What are sport drugs?


How does drugs affect your sport?

Drugs slower the nervous system.

Are drugs bad for you mkay?

Yes, Drugs are bad mkay, marajuana, marajuanas a drug, drugs are bad mkay.

How bad are drugs?

drugs are truly bad if your taking them stop

The different drugs in sport?


What type of drugs help you in sport?

you can not do it

Why drugs affect you in sport?


When did drugs in sport start?

Drugs in sports came around 1970.

No to drugs yes to sport?

yes to sports no to drugs. you got it sonny

List of bad drugs?

there are many different bad drugs eg: marajuana tobbaco ICE crystal cyrus BAD drugs

What do drugs actually do to you?

Drugs are bad, mmkkaayyy.

Playing sports with drugs?

Do not play sport with drugs it is not healthy for you at all and you will get suspended

Who started drugs in sport?

Barack obama.

What are the legal drugs you can use in sport?


Why has drugs in sport attracted attention?


Why drugs are used in sport?

To improve preformance

What was the first case of drugs in sport?


Are drugs bad for you?


What kind of sport is Golfing?

a bad sport

Was Thomas Jefferson addicted to medicine drugs or the bad type of drugs?

Thomas Jefferson was not addicted to medicine drugs or any bad type of drugs.

What is the testing in sport drugs?

They take your blood - usually 90 - 95% and test it for drugs