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What sport do austrailians do?

Australian's play futbull, lacross and soccer!

What jobs do you need for football?

you dont if you play football

Who was the first female to play football?

CHicks dont play football, They make sandwiches

What degree do you need to get to play pro football?

you dont need a degree to play football

What is the experieance you have to have in football?

You dont have to have any experience to play football, but if you want to play in colledge or nfl then you have to have experience

What is the no pass no play in football?

It means if you dont pass a class you cant play KINGLITTLE people dont forget KINGLITTLE

How do you know which play the offense is making if you are on defense for football?

you dont.

How many people dont play football?

20% of all Americans have not even lokked at a football

Why can't Pakistan play football?

the can play it just the dont get a chance due to racism

What fruit do they use as football in Fiji?

Fiji people dont play football but rather Rugby. If you mean Football as in soccer??

How many years can you play high school football?

dont have no clue.

Does women play professional football?

no they dont play professional but they do play in teams fro goals in school or for fitness

I am going to 8th grade and I want to play football but i am not very big and dont want to get an concussion what should i play football?

The safest position to play in football, with the least amount of injuries, is either the punter or the kicker.

Who made the boomerang?

the austrailians

Are the Veronicas austrailians?


What do austrailians do for Christmas?

play a game called kolo which is like regular polo on horses except they ride kangaroos

How many kids play football in the US?

I think that kids dont playing football, they like playing with you... lmao

How many people play professional football in Britain?

well we dont actually record how many people play football at any place, but im sure the number of people that play football has increase since the 1980s.

What do you have to be able to do to be able to play football?

shut up and dont be a dork :85_&

What happened to Johnny when he went to play football with the greasers The outsiders?

i dont knw

How many years of college do you need to be a football player?

you dont always need college to be a football player but you have to go to college to play college football

What currency do Austrailians use?


How do you play football in France?

by putting the ball down and kiking it lol, i dont know

Did tom cleary play football?

well i dont know but check on a nother website

How do you get a water boy job in the NFL?

Begg,cry play football and dont get drafted