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Fiji people dont play football but rather Rugby.

If you mean Football as in soccer??

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Q: What fruit do they use as football in Fiji?
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What is the fruit of Fiji?

Sugarcane is the national fruit of Fiji.

When was Fiji Football Association created?

Fiji Football Association was created in 1961.

What is the name of Fiji's football team?

Well it depends on which Fiji team you are talking about. There are 3 Fiji Football teams. I only know one of them. The one I know is the Fiji carriBEANERS

What do Fiji people eat for breakfast?


Who is the president of Fiji football association?

Rajesh Patel is the current President of FIJI FA (2012)

Does Fiji use water power?

Yes Fiji does use hydro power, which now powers 90% of Fiji

How long has Fiji played rugby?

Rugby football was introduced into Fiji in the 1884 by the British and then added to by New Zealanders

What animals live in Fiji?

There are not a lot of animals that live in Fiji. The fruit bat, the monkey faced flying fox, Iguanas, snakes, geckos and many birds make Fiji their home.

What animals or plants that are native to Fiji?

Orchids, snakes, parrots, lories, falcons, hawks, fruit bats, and iguana are Fiji's flora and fauna, found in the rain forest.

Does Fiji have desserts?

Almost all continents have some form of dessert, whether it be just fresh fruit or a baked goodie. Usually regions incorporate their local fruits and sweets into their recipes. Fiji is known for it's tropical fruit and many of their desserts are made with them.

What kind of money does Fiji use?

Fiji uses the Fiji Dollar, although the Australian Dollar is widely accepted _______________________________________________ Fiji is a country of its own with its own jurisdiction and legislation. Fiji uses the Fiji Dollar. $1.00=100cents. Fiji monetary unit is $FJD

What is The name of the people in Fiji?

Fijians are a proper term to use and describe a person from Fiji. While i-taukei are for native use.

What animals are there in Fiji?

Mammals ; monkey-faced bat & other fruit bats Reptiles; Banded Iguana & other iguanas Fish; Fiji Blue Devil Damselfish

What body language does Fiji use?

fiji uses body laguage such as pooping at the table while eating.

What birds feathers in Fiji is used for money?

They dont use bird feathers as money. Fiji have its own curreny. The Fiji Dollar. $1.00FJD=100cents.

What are some names of sports played in Fiji?

some names of sports played in fiji are fijian basketball and fijian soccer and fijian football and fijian cheerleading and fijian volleyball

What are some sports of Fiji?

Rugby (in 7 teams or 15 teams) and football, surfing, golf etc.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fruit Football World Cup - 2006?

The cast of Fruit Football World Cup - 2006 includes: TJ Herbert as Various

What currency does Fiji use?

The Fijian dollar

What passion is better in football?

Defensive fruit.

What fruit do they have at Fiji?

Mangoes, Bananas, Papayas/Pawpaw, Pineapple, Oranges(Exported), Mandarine, Soursup, Breadfruit, Pear, Sugarcane, Jack fruit, apples (Exported), cherries, grapes(Exported) etc.

Why is their tension between Fiji and Tonga?

Because both countries the Republic of Fiji and the Kingdom of Tonga have laid claims to the Minerva Reef which is south of Tonga and Fiji. The people of Ono, Lau - Fiji use the reef to fish and so is the people of Eua - Tonga. Todate, the reef remains open to both Fiji & Tonga citizens alike.

What food would you eat at Fiji?

Being a tropical island you'd have a lot of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. Probably rice, too.

What are Fiji's native animals?

Fiji's native animals are limited. There are two native mammals: the fruit bat (beka) and a small insect-eating bat. Among Fiji's native reptiles are the crested iguana and banded iguana. Native birds include the kula lorikeet, green kadavu parrot (found only on the island of Kadavu), endangered peregrine falcons, Fiji petrel, the silktail and the long-legged warbler.

What was the Fiji's name before it was actually named Fiji?

FIJI has foe ever been FIJI