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MLB retired the #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson at the start of the 1997. However, anybody who was wearing #42 at that time was allowed to continue to wear it. Rivera is the last active player who was wearing #42 at the time it was retired. Once Rivera retires, no one will wear the #42 again.

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Q: Why does only Mariano Rivera get to wear number 42?
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What number does Mariano Rivera wear?

Mariano Rivera wears #42 for the Yankees.

How many baseball players wear number 42?

Only Mariano Rivera is the only person utilizing that number.

What major league baseball players still wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera is the only active player to wear number 42.

Who wears number 42 for the Yankees?

No one. The last to wear it was Mariano Rivera.

Who is the only current MLB player still to wear number 42 and who does he play for?

Mariano Rivera, closer for the New York Yankees.

Who is the only active baseball player to wear Jackie Robinson's retired number 42?

Mariano Rivera is the last player that Major League Baseball grandfathered in that still continues to wear #42. After Mariano, the number will not be issued again.

Who currently in MLB wears number 42?

The only player in baseball to still wear number 42 is Mariano Rivera. After Mariano retires, the number 42 will never again be issued in Major League Baseball.

Can anyone in a major league sport wear the number 42?

yes mariano rivera wears the #42

What famous baseball players wear 42?

The only active baseball player to wear the number 42 is Mariano Rivera of The Yankees. On April 15 1997, it was decided that to honor Jackie Robinson, the number 42 would be retired throughout baseball. Players who wore the number at the time were grandfathered in, and Mariano Rivera is the last player remaining from that time.

Active baseball players who wear the number 42 on their jersey?

In the 2009 MLB season, only Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees wears #42.

What Yankee player was last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera Number 42Mariano Rivera is the last Major league ballplayer, and Yankees player still wearing uniform number 42. Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinsons uniform number 42. No Other player on any team can wear the number. Because Mariano had the number when Robinsons number was retired he was allowed to continue wearing it. When Mariano Rivera retires from baseball the New York Yankees will retire uniform number 42 in honor him.

What New York Yankee was the last player ever to wear number 42?

Currently, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera wears number 42. Mariano is the last day to day player to wear that number in Major League baseball, and upon his retirement or change of number, will be the last to ever wear the number 42.

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