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Q: Why does long distance runners need cv endurance?
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Why do long distance runners need large carbohydrate stores in their livers and muscles?

why do long distance runners need large carbohydrate stores

Why do long distance runners need muscular endurance?

Muscles need to be strong in order to have a healthy heart, joints and many other involuntary and voluntary movements.

What is the best body shape for a long distance runner?

Generally tall, lean, and low body fat. However, there are many short distance runners out there. short distance runners usually have more fat than long distance runners all runners need to have a lot of muscle and be able to endure long periods of running

How To find a runners speed you need to know the distance he or she ran and the?

time it took to travel that distance

What types of fitness do you need to run a marathon?

You must be very healthy to run a marathon. If you are not, things could go badly.

Why do cross country runners need cardiovascular endurance?

Tennis players require muscular endurance because they are usually involved in physical activity that can last for hours. They need to have endurance of the shoulder and arm to stabilize the shoulder and generate forces to hit shots.

Differences in fitness between snowboarder and long distance cyclist?

Road cycling and long distance cycling is all about endurance, they need to be able to perform for hours. For snowboarding each run will usually only last a few minutes, then they can recover while waiting for the skilift.

Why does Mo Farah need aerobics endurance?

Because he needs oxygen in able to continue the long distance race, unlike Usain Bolt who does not need aerobic repiration as the race is only 9-10 seconds long.

What do you need to eat to ride a bike?

For shorter runs no dietary adaption is required. For longer rides you can benefit from the same kind of preparation as marathon runners and other endurance athletes do.

What fitness components do you need when cycling?

It depends. For short distance cycling you would need Muscular strength, power, reaction times, speed, balance and co-ordination. However, for long distance cycling you would need Muscular endurance, balance, co-ordination and cardiovasular endurance.

When do you use muscular endurance in boxing?

Boxers need to have strong muscular endurance in their arms so they can provide force to hit their opponents for long amounts of time.

What sport do you need Muscular Endurance for?

many sports where you have to work certain muscles repetitively using the same amount of energy with each force against resistance. long distance sports such as cycling, marathon running and swimming are all muscular endurance activities. however, sports such as football and rugby where you have to be able to control your endurance for a certain period of time, require this, as you will be constantly running.