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There is a rule called the 'uncaught third strike rule'. MLB Rule 6.09(b) states that a batter becomes a runner when: "The third strike called by the umpire is not caught, providing (1) first base is unoccupied, or (2) first base is occupied with two out; Rule 6.09(b) Comment: A batter who does not realize his situation on a third strike not caught, and who is not in the process of running to first base, shall be declared out once he leaves the dirt circle surrounding home plate." For an out to be recorded, a defensive player must have control of the ball. In the situation of an uncaught third strike, even though the batter has struckout, no defensive player has control of the ball. Therefore, an out cannot be recorded. The batter may attempt to reach first base and a defensive player must throw the ball to first, or tag the batter with the ball, to record the out.

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Q: Why does a baseball player sometimes have to be thrown out at first on a strike out?
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What does strike mean in baseball?

A thrown pitch that either the batter swung and missed or an umpired called strike.

What is the penalty for fan interference in baseball?

sometimes you can get thrown out

When does a umpire call a ball in baseball?

when it is not in the strike zone. a strike is thrown when the ball crosses home plate.if it does not cross home plate it is a ball.

What is a sinker in baseball?

a sinker is a pitch thrown that drops out of the strike zone just as the batter tries to hit it

What happend to the baseball player who was unfaithful to his wife?

He was thrown out at home

What does a stone thrown into a pool sound like?

strike or bloop

What happened to the baseball player who was unfaithful to his wife?

The answer to the riddle is: "He was thrown out at home."

How many pitches per ball in a major league baseball game?

One pitch, if thrown outside of the strike zone is one ball in baseball. Four pitches thrown outside of the strike zone during the course of one at-bat equals a walk, also referred to as a base-on-balls (BB)

Can a player be thrown out of a game if he fights with the ref like in baseball?

yes. anyone who disrespects any person of authority can be thrown out of the game.

Difference between walk and strike on the softball game?

In softball, the batter can be walked, strikeout, or they can get a hit. Walks are caused by the batter accumulating 4 balls. A ball is a pitch thrown outside of the strike zone. A strike is a pitch thrown inside the strike zone. A batter can get a strike by either swinging and missing the ball, or they can get a strike from not swinging at a strike within the strike zone.

Wha happened to the baseball player who was unfaithful to his wife?

He Was thrown Off HomeIs it spaced out????

When thrown by the same person which can be thrown farther a baseball or a softball?

A baseball can

What is the term when a pitch is thrown outside of the strike zone?

A ball.

Can a baseball player rejoin the game after leaving?

If the player gets thrown out of the game they can't come back in. If it is an injury, I have no clue.

How do you get walked in baseball?

While at bat, and without swinging at 4 pitches thrown outside the strike zone (called a 'ball'), you get awarded first base.

Can batter advance on dropped third strike?

yes, but he can be thrown out if the ball beats him to first after the dropped 3rd strike.

If a batter holds the bat over the plate and does not swing or move the bat when pitch is thrown is it a strike?

That is considered a strike.

What does backing up refer to in baseball?

One player stands behind the another in case the first player misses the ball when it is thrown to him

Who catches the baseball thrown by the pitcher if the batter doesnt hit it?

In that case, the catcher is supposed to catch the ball , but sometimes they don't.

In softball what is a walk?

A walk is when 4 balls are thrown that are not in the strike zone of the umpire. the balls may be thrown in any order, such as a strike, 2 balls, a strike and a 2 balls. The batter is then walked. You can also be hit by a pitch, which would earn you a base as a walk.

Can an umpires error of a missed third strike be corrected after another pitch is thrown?


How do you throw a splitter in wii sports baseball?

You need to hold down the A button and the B button at the same time. Also, this pitch can't be thrown in the strike zone.

What is the meaning of pitched?

Well it can be the past tense form of the verb pitch, or throw the baseball. It sometimes means thrown out of a game as well.

Fastest thrown baseball thrown by a quarterback?

jakob lee Jones

What is the answer to page 13.1 in Punchline Algebra book b what happened to the baseball player who was unfaithful to his wife?

He was thrown out at home.