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Gilbert Arenas wears number 0 because it was the number of minutes that he was going to play people predicted he was going to play 0 min so he proved them wrong and taunted them by making his new number 0! hope it was helpful

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Q: Why does Gilbert Arenas wear number 0?
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Which nba players wear number 0?

Gilbert Arenas Russell Westbrook on Oklahoma City

Is Gilbert Arenas number 0?

Yes, Gilbert Arenas wears #0 for Washington.

Can a NBA player wear a number 0 on his jersey?

yes, Gilbert arenas, agent 0, jersey #0

Which nba players wear number 00?

Gilbert arenas wears 0, i don't know of any who wear "00"

What NBA players have worn 0?

Gilbert Arenas, Arham Gul, LOL!

Who other than Gilbert arenas wore or wears number 0?

leon powe of the celtics wears # 0....jerryd bayless wore #0 at some point as well

Which professional atheletes wear number 1?

Anyone can wear the number 1 on their jerseys. If only the players who were truly #1, and the number really determined how good the player, Gilbert Arenas, one of the best ballers in the history, would be 0 good. So, anybody can have the number 1. The jersey number doesn't determine the player's abilities or potential.

Who wears number 0?

None The Lowest Legal Number is No.1 Outfielders Can Also Wear The No.1 Shirt

Why did Gilbert Arenas choose 0?

Hey!! Gilbert chose zero because when he was in high school no one thought he would be any good everyone thought he would stink even his coach in Arizona hopes this help

How tall is Daniel Arenas?

Daniel Arenas is 6' 0".

How tall is Lance Gilbert?

Lance Gilbert is 6' 0 1/2".

How tall is Adam Hill Gilbert?

Adam Hill Gilbert is 6' 0".