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You wear shorts in gymnastics because on bars you can hurt your hips so it does not hurt as much. Also if you fall on your butt it won't hurt as much. You also need shorts because you kind of feel nakid with out shorts.

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Q: Why do you wear shorts in gymnastics?
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What do you do if you are a boy who wears a girl gymnastics suit?

wear shorts over it!!

Do men wear leotards in gymnastics?

yes. They wear leotards in gymnastics, but they also were shorts in some of the events. They wear long tights in other events. hope I helped!

What sort of clothing is worn when doing gymnastics?

Gymnasts generally wear a short sleeved leotard and shorts to gymnastics practice.

Where can you get a tumbling suit?

For cheer you can wear spankies sports bra shirt and shorts and for gymnastics you wear a leotard which you could probably find at target or on a gymnastics website or they might have a gymnastics leotard you could buy and theres always eBay

What should you wear to gymnastics practice?

A leotard. They sell them at the gymnastics place. I do not recommend a sports bra and shorts because if you are doing back flips, the coach has nothing to hold on to. If you can't afford a leotard, then shorts and t- shirt is fine.

What do men wear for gymnastics?

They wear leotards, but for men they are called tunics. Then on top of this, they wear long pants and socks for the still rings, high bar, pommel horse, and parallel bars. For vault and floor, they wear shorts and perform barefooted.

What to wear at tumbling?

If you are joining a gymnastics tumbling class then you should wear a shortsleeve leotard (found online at Many people wear velvet shorts over their leotards. If you are tumbling for cheerleading then you should wear a t-shirt with shorts and clean sneakers. Always wear your hair in a pony tail.

Does la roux wear shorts?

No - she probably doesn't wear shorts.

Do emo boys wear shorts?

do emo boy wear shorts?? Er... If they want to then sure..... Anyone can wear shorts if they want to... =P

My dad won't let me wear shorts what should i do?

Then dont wear shorts.

What clothing DO you were by gymnastics?

In gymnastics, unless you are in a younger class, the girls wear leotards, which look like a one piece bathing suit. At compitions, girls where long sleved leotards apposed to the spagetti strapped normal ones for practice. Boys where even from a younger age, shorts and a t-shirt to practice. For compititions, they wear a leotard with short shorts, but wear underwear, unlike girls. They wear the leotard at all times but for certain events switch from their shorter pants to longer ones that conect to their socks.

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