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In gymnastics, unless you are in a younger class, the girls wear leotards, which look like a one piece bathing suit. At compitions, girls where long sleved leotards apposed to the spagetti strapped normal ones for practice. Boys where even from a younger age, shorts and a t-shirt to practice. For compititions, they wear a leotard with short shorts, but wear underwear, unlike girls. They wear the leotard at all times but for certain events switch from their shorter pants to longer ones that conect to their socks.

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Q: What clothing DO you were by gymnastics?
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What sort of clothing is worn when doing gymnastics?

Gymnasts generally wear a short sleeved leotard and shorts to gymnastics practice.

Is there any kind of specific clothing worn in gymnastics?

you have to wear a leotard

Do you have to wear a leotard for a gymnastic competicion?

Usually, yes. Most of the time, the gymnastics teams at the competitions have matching team leotards. Leotards are also the ideal clothing to wear while doing gymnastics, since it is easier to manuver in and it isn't loose like other clothing.

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