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You can wear a jock strap to hold a protective cup in place, if it has a pouch for it. Jock straps are also worn to hold the penis and testicles in place while you work out.

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Q: Why do you wear jock straps?
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Related questions

What do rounders officials wear?

jock straps

What do rounder officials wear?

jock straps

Should boys wear jock straps while swimming noncompetative?

No. No need to wear jock straps during any form of swimming, normal swimming trunks will suffice

What do cheerleaders wear under their boots?

jock straps

Do runners wear jock straps?

Yes, many runners do.

Do gay guys wear jock straps?

Gay guys have the same genitals as straight guys. Anyone regardless of sexual orientation might choose to use jock straps for certain sports.

What underwear is best?

jock straps are for only sport it is up to you what you wear i wear boxers i may start wear Calvin klein brifes

Do wrestlers wear jock straps?

Yes. Some wear a jockstrap , wrestling shorts/speedo or nothing under their singlets.

Do students need to wear Jock straps?

Yes, it would be a good idea for a student to wear a jockstrap for P.E. class, plus sports and working out.

Do runners use jock straps?

Many runners use jock straps. They keep your genitals held in place so they don't bounce.

Does Kohl's sell jock straps?


Do youth league athletes wear jock straps?

Yes. A lot of youth sports leagues require athletic supporters and/or cups.

Where can you get jock straps?

primark essentials £1.30

Why do boys wear jock straps?

Boys often wear them to keep a cup in place, to protect their genitals from a direct blow. Or, they wear them to support their genitals while they work out or run, keeping them pulled in tight against the body.

Can jock straps be used as regular underwear?

Of course they could, but regular underwear is made to be absorbent in the crotch where perspiration often builds up. Jock straps are not so absorbent, and do not cover enough 'territory'.

Do you wear a jock strap with underpants?

yes in footballNot me.No. Wearing underwear with a jock strap is the same thing as wearing two pairs of underwear at the same time, or like wearing jeans layered over sweatpants...very "Granny".a lot of people wear jock strips cuz wen they play a sport,regular underwear rides up wen u sweat and givs u a wedgie,so it kind of defeats the purposeNo Jock straps are made to replace underwear while playing a sport. Jock straps can also be used as everyday underwear but could cause "jock itch" if you don't shower after using it.

How can you wear a athletic cup besides with a jock strap?

I don't know, but if they can make bra work for me without straps.... But then I doubt if it will ever be part of a fashion statement. Lol

Do high school wrestlers have to wear jock straps?

They might not be required, but it's probably a good idea. A jock strap keeps your genitals pulled in against the body, which would keep them from getting caught between your legs or grabbed the wrong way.

Do men wear jock straps to work out?

Answer I work out on a regular basis and have allways worn a jock. I like the bike brand best Answer Some do, some don't. I've never seen the point.

Where do you buy jock straps?

Sporting goods stores definitely sell them.

How much do water boys in the NFL get paid?

they get paid in jock straps

Should boys wear jock straps all the time?

Yes. With stupid boys arround now, being hit in the privates at a young age can be very upsetting in later life.

Do guys like wearing jock straps?

Some might. They're pretty tight, so not as comfortable as boxers or something, but I'd rather wear them than get hit or be sore from all the bouncing.

What are jocks traps for in football?

Where you put your jack strap to be washed hamper for jock straps

Do most guys wear jocks or underwear in professtional sports?

==Jocks or Underwear== Almost all professional athletes wear jock straps. Some obvious exceptions would be those in the non-contact sports like golfers, sailors, archers, etc.