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because you have to

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Q: Why do you serve diagonally in badminton?
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In badminton where does the serve have to land for it to be legal?

diagonally opposite

Can a server in badminton serve the shuttlecock diagonally by tilting his or her racket?


Where do you serve from in badminton?

inside one square diagonally from the other

Where do you serve from in singles if you have scored an odd number of points in badminton?

odd scores,you must serve on the left service box diagonally going to the left court of your opponent.

According to the rules of badminton what happens if the serve does not travel diagonally?

If in any game you must make your serve diagonally to the other team. If this is not done then either your partner when playing doubles will begin to serve or it will turn over to the other team. And then it is time for the other team to win some points.

What is out on the court in doubles game of badminton?

During the main part of a badminton doubles rally, every part of the court is in. However, the serve must fall into the 'short and fat' area diagonally opposite the server. The side tramlines are in, but the rear tramlines are out during the serve.

How do you lose your serve in badminton?

well, when playing badminton, you always serve underarm. If you serve over arm, then you lose the serve.

How do you serve in badminton?

In Badminton you serve by throwing the shutle into the air and then hit it under arm

Foul serve in badminton?

in badminton you serve from the line closest to the net an you must serve underarm. overarm or not from the line is a foul serve.

What is the ace in badminton?

A serve which is not returned

What is a side in in badminton?

A loss of serve

Can you have a second serve in a badminton match?

No. If the service is faulted, the point is given to the other team. You are allowed 1 serve in badminton.

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