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i think so it can go fast

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Q: What is the term for hitting a tennis ball hard?
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In tennis What term refers to hitting a shot with no pace?


In tennis which term refers hitting a shot with no pace?

Dink 100%

In tennis which term refers to hitting a shot with no pace?

Dink 100%

Define the term spike in volleyball?

When you spike a ball you jump up and "spike" it by hitting it VERY hard causing it to IN FRONT of the FIRST person in front of you!!

Can you hit the ball on the full in table tennis?

Generally, no. If you "volley" the ball (as they do in tennis), you would lose the point. The technical term is "obstruction" but what it refers to is hitting the ball before it bounces. If there's a chance that the ball might hit the table because it's still travelling towards it, your opponent would lose the point if he prevented it from doing so by hitting/volleying it on the full. But ... If the ball has already passed over the table and/or is travelling away from the table, your opponent wins the point whether he hits/volleys it or not. And also ... as well as hitting the ball with your racket, if you touch the ball with any part of your body or with anything you carry, the same rule applies.

What is the term for hitting a tennis ball past a player?

The general term is called a winner. If it is hit on specific shots, it can receive specific names. Such as on a serve, it is called an ace. If it is hit on the return of serve, it's called a return winner.

What two ball sports use the term ace?

Tennis and baseball

What is the golfing term for hitting the ball twice on the same swing?

Simply a double hit.

Does temperature affect the air inside the tennis ball?

It the ball has air in it, then an increase of temperature will increase the pressure within the ball, over the short term. Over the long term, all pressurized tennis balls lose pressure. If the ball is the pressureless type, it has no air to be affected by temperature.

What is pulling the ball in baseball?

'Pulling the ball' is a term used with hitting and is when a right handed batter hits a ball to the left side of the field or a left handed batter hits a ball to the right side of the field.

A term used to describe an illegal hit by hitting the ball underhand with open hands in volleyball is called a?


In tennis what is the term used when a served ball hits the net but falls into the correct court?

A Let It is called a "Let".

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