Why do you need to use a baseball in a baseball game?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Because the game is called "Baseball"

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Q: Why do you need to use a baseball in a baseball game?
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Do you need to download gamespy after installing a game?

no you should not need it, but if you use automatic game search you will need it...

How does a baseball same to the game baseball?

You use a baseball to play the game baseball. If you really look at the name you see the first part of the word is base. In the game of baseball you run the bases every time you get a hit.

Can you use your softball bat in a baseball game?

no you can't

Do you need shin guards when you have a baseball game?

If you play catcher.

How many batting gloves do baseball players use each game?

Usually they only need to use one pair. Some batters only use one or two pairs for the whole year.

Why is baseball called baseball?

Probably because the there are bases in the game, and you use a ball to play.

Can a white baseball bat be used in a high school baseball game?

no your bat has to be regulation size and very tan to use in a game

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