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You might "trim" or shorten the shaft of a Golf club if it is too long for the person using it. Basically, the club was designed for a taller person than the one wishing to use it, but it is often cheaper to shorten the shaft of an old club than get a new shaft or new club.

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Q: Why do you need to trim a golf shaft?
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What is shaft in golf?

Shaft is the handle of the golf club.

What is a golf cart input shaft?

Golf Cart Input Shafts are like parts of the golf cart that's need to be overhauled.

Can you put a new golf head on an existing golf shaft?

If the tip diameters are the same then yes. You will need to take it to your local golf shop and they can tell you. If so they will be able to put the new head on the existing shaft very easily.

How do you shorten the shaft length of a golf club?

You take the grip and tape off the club, then you either use a circular saw blade to trim the shaft or use a specialist shaft cutter to take off the desired length. Then just regrip the club as normal.

What is a bubble shaft on a golf club?

it is a taylor made golf shaft that has a smaller dia at the bottom of the grip .

How do you glue a graphite golf club shaft?

You need to clean the bottom of the shaft where the head will be connected to the shaft, and then you will need to use special shaft epoxy which is actually a strong two component glue which needs to be mixed thoroughly prior to use.

Were is fuel pump relay mk4 golf?

Underneath the steering wheel, behind all of the trim. You need to unscrew all of the trim and pull it off to get to it.

How do you trim a lacrosse shaft?

You can use a hack saw to trim a lacrosse stick

How do you repair a bent golf shaft?

Well you can simply bend it back. But bending it has weakened the shaft, so bending it back will weaken it even more. You will need to be careful. If you cannot get it back straight you will need to get a new shaft.

Does the shaft on a golf club have to be specificly right handed?

No, a golf shaft will fit both right and left handed clubs.

Is the kujikura shaft a good shaft?

Do you mean Fujikura? If so, then yes, Fujikura make some of the best golf shafts in Golf.

How do i trim a golf shaft?

For a steel shaft, a tubing cutter is the best way. You get a clean cut perpendicular to the axis. You'll need to have a hardened wheel that can handle the stainless steel. For high production volume shops a cutoff saw with an abrasive wheel is typical.For graphite, a hacksaw with an abrasive blade works well.If you want to know how much to cut off, you can get basic recommendations from whoever sold you the shaft.

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