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Selecting the right shaft can make or break your game. If you are not using the shaft that is fitted for you, you could be hurting your game. For a detailed answer on how shafts work, you can go to the link below. I suggest you go to a Golf professional and have them fit you for a shaft.

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Q: How important is it to select the right golf club shaft?
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Does the shaft on a golf club have to be specificly right handed?

No, a golf shaft will fit both right and left handed clubs.

What is more important in a golf club the shaft or club head?

Great question. If you are referring to a driver them the shaft is as important as the club head. You need to marry a shaft with the correct flex, kick point and also a driver head with a good loft for you or you will be very inconsistent and not get the best distance or flight that you should.

What is shaft in golf?

Shaft is the handle of the golf club.

Why do you need to trim a golf shaft?

You might "trim" or shorten the shaft of a golf club if it is too long for the person using it. Basically, the club was designed for a taller person than the one wishing to use it, but it is often cheaper to shorten the shaft of an old club than get a new shaft or new club.

How do you extend a golf club?

You get shaft entensions and cut them to size. Then you take the grip and grip tape off the club. They fit into the current shaft and must be glued in place as shaft extensions must be permanent. You then reprip the club

What is the name of a handle on a golf club?


Where to find a golf club registration number?

It varies from club to club. It is on one of these; the hosel of the golf club, on the shaft, on the shaft sticker, underneath the grip or somewhere on the head. It is quite easy to find. If you cannot find one, it may not be the original shaft or it simply may not have one.

What does an Aldila golf club shaft do?

Nothing it is a brand of shaft, the specs in all shafts differ

Where do you find the blueprints in Club Penguin?

in the mine shaft

How do you shorten the shaft length of a golf club?

You take the grip and tape off the club, then you either use a circular saw blade to trim the shaft or use a specialist shaft cutter to take off the desired length. Then just regrip the club as normal.

What is a bubble shaft on a golf club?

it is a taylor made golf shaft that has a smaller dia at the bottom of the grip .

Who is the manufacture of peak golf clubs?

I have a chipper made by Tour Select, black coated shaft and club head with white grooves. It has a slight kink in the shaft (bought it used), but I really feel confident using it. So, I decided to find a new replacement at Dunhams Sports. They had the Peak brand and, to my surprise and delight, it was the exact and I mean exact club head as the Tour Select and it was chrome. It's a little shorter than the Tour Select too. So, to make a short story long, I'd have to say Tour Select makes the chipper. And if not, then who ever makes Tour Select, makes the chipper. Hope this helps.

What is a golf club hosel?

Hosel is the the socket (or neck) in the head of a golf club into which the shaft is inserted.

What does 0 mean on base of golf club shaft?


Girl crushed in elevator shaft in Chicago at the metro club?


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Minnesota Select Volleyball Club!!!!!! we rock!

What is Club Penguins Mail on googlemail?

Go to club penguin's main website and select 'Contact Us' and select the reason for what you're contacting them.

What is the best golf club for youth?

a club with an appropriate shaft flex and length for the size and strength of the youth.

What is the butt of a golf club shaft?

The end that's closest to you when you are swinging it.

How do you increase the shaft length of a golf club?

have one custom made

What is a golf club handle called?

shaft my hubby says its a grip

What is a wooden shaft golf club with a swastika engraved in it worth?


What is torque in a graphite golf shaft?

Torgue refers to the twisting that happens to the shaft of a club as it is swung. Not only does the shaft of a golf club flex or bend as it is swung but it twists also. A graphite shaft manufacurer that markets a shaft as having low torque for examle, is saying that the shaft is designed to resist twisting as it is swung. The theory being less torque creates a more stable clubhead at impact.

How can one apply for a Sam's Club credit card?

To apply for a Sam's Club credit card, go to the Sam's Club Homepage. On the top right it will say "Sam's Club Credit Card." Click on that link. It will take you to the page where you could select to become a member, or become a Sam's Club Credit Card holder. Pick the card on the right and fill out your information.

What is the length of a golf club?

Depends on the Club. Lower number clubs have a longer shaft, and a more vertical face.