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Do you mean Fujikura? If so, then yes, Fujikura make some of the best Golf shafts in Golf.

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Q: Is the kujikura shaft a good shaft?
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Is the brine python a good shaft?

yes it is a good shaft that is already gripped and it is pretty light I love it

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This my good friend is an axle

What is the Cheapest and common shaft material?

cheapest material is Mild steel having very good properties of shaft.

What is the best lacrosse shaft you can buy?

I would say the Reebok 10K O-tech shaft because it has 5 holes in it which reduce drag for a faster shot, shaft material is strong, and has good grip.

How do you prepare a shaft to glue head on?

Once you have cut the shaft to the specific size you need, you then need to sand about 1-2 inches of the paint at the bottom of the shaft and smooth it to give it a good surface to stick to.

What color lacrosse shaft goes good with a red head?

Black, blue, and even red on red. _________ I'd also say that a silver or black shaft would look good with the red too.

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Why is the propeller shaft are made hollow?

To reduce weight and for good heat disposal.

Is a warrior alloy 6000 a good shaft?

yes, but it heavier than most shafts.

Which shafts are present in a car?

Axle shaft, steering shaft, drive shaft, distributor shaft

How much will it cost to replace a drive shaft for a Toyota 4runner?

The front drive shaft or 'prop shaft' costs around 400.00 and a 50.00 core charge. That is the part itself, add a good 70 to 100 for service charge if you take it to a mechanic. The main shaft is probably a few hundred but that's a guess.

Will a wheel still move if other drive shaft is broke?

The wheel with the good drive shaft will not move the car. The differential in the trans-axle will always send power to the axle (wheel) with the least resistance. There for the side with the broken shaft will be the axle that turns.

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