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co-ordination is important in Badminton so that you

can concentrate on where to hit the shuttle to

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Q: Why do you need coordination in badminton?
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Why is coordination in badminton?

coordination is the most important component

What skills do people need to be good at badminton'?

Mostly ball and eye coordination and being able to hold a racket.

What is the basic skill of badminton?

hand eye coordination

Different skills of badminton?

the four different tricks are mainly- 1. badminton clears 2. badminton drop shots 3. badminton drives 4. badminton smash

What three gross motor abilities are required for badminton?

Gross body equilibirum Gross body coordination Extent flexibility

What to do for becoming an badminton player?

for becoming an badminton u need to practice

How do you wire a badminton raquet?

You can't if you need to rewire it then you have to by a new badminton raquet.

What are the materials needed for badminton?

For badminton, you need at least two badminton racquets, shuttlecocks (or birdies), a net or badminton string, and proper clothing and tennis shoes.

Why do you need flexibility in badminton?


How many point do you need to win a women singles match in badminton?

You need to have 21 points to win the women singles badminton match.

Is there a blog about badminton equipment?

As a matter of fact, there is a blog solely devoted to badminton equipments. =========================================================== ABOUT THE BADMINTON EQUIPMENT BLOG: = Badminton Equipment = Learn about badminton equipments, from rackets to shuttlecocks and even accesories. Discover what equipment suites and drives you to your full potential. Everything you want to know about badminton equipments all here! ============================================================

Define Coordination What is the needs of coordination?

You need the coordnations to move to each planet.