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You definitely need catching skills to play Netball because half the game involves catching.

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2011-07-21 09:32:06
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Q: Why do you need catching as a skill in netball?
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What skill would a defending player use in netball?

jumping, catching, running, blocking, throwing and passing - i think that's all of them.

What skills does catching a netball involve?

because you need to catch it and then through it to your team mates

Is netball an open skill or close skill?

yes, it is an open skill i would know bcause i play netball for magikz

What facilities do you need for netball?

To play netball you need a netball court, netball nets a netball and also a set of bibs.

What parts of the appendicular skeleton you use when catching a netball?

you use the phalanges

Netball ball handling skills- catching?

Jump when retrieving the ball.

What skills do you need for netball?

== == == == In Netball, you will need, running skills, catching skills, throwing skills, defending/intersecting skills, shooting skills, teamwork skills, dodging skills, footwork skills, good coordination and stopping skills. Your brain will also need to think fast.

What are the negatives of playing netball?

I know of and have experienced a negative of playing netball; it is your knees! When stopping and catching the ball, you hurt your knees so be carefull about how you play.

What equpment do you need for netball?

two netball posts netball pitch one netball two umpires

What do need to play netball?

To play netball you need a netball court, netball, shoes and a drink bottle. that's all you need :) XD You also might think about wearing clothes, too.

What qualifications do you need to become a professional netball player?

what skills do you need to become a professional netball player

Why do you need motivation in netball?

because you need it

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