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so u can win- like any other sport

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Q: Why do you need Coordination in lacrosse?
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The skills you need to play lacrosse?

you need to be able to run A LOT and you will have to have some stick skills or hand eye coordination.

What kind of skill do you need to play the game Lacrosse?

you gotta know how to run fast and have hand eye coordination

What did they use to play lacrosse?

To play girls lacrosse, you need lacrosse goggles,a girl's lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard.

Do you need friction for lacrosse?

yes! you need friction for lacrosse so you don't fall

Why is coordination used in sport?

Coordination is used in almost every sport because if you are coordinated you are able to catch a ball or throw a ball to were you intend to. Or in Baseball you need coordination to swing at the right time when the ball is at the right place. Also for instance in soccer you need coordination to be able to dribble and do certain moves on the field, and the same thing applies for basketball. You need to be able to hit the ball up in the air accurately in volleyball so this sport needs coordination. Here are a few more sports that i didn't name that also need coordination lacrosse, archery, fishing, wrestling, boxing, football, gun competitions, swim team, paint ball, airsoft, hunting, ext.

What sport needs coordination?

all sports need coordination- esp gymnastics

Define Coordination What is the needs of coordination?

You need the coordnations to move to each planet.

Why do you need coordination in sprinting?

you need coordination in sprinting because coordination is basically Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accurately. This may involve the senses, muscular contractions and joint movements.

What do girls need to play lacrosse?

lacrosse stick, girls lacrosse cloves, facemask, and thats it un less you are a goalie.

What are the physical benefits of playing lacrosse?

Due to the nature of the game lacrosse has a lot of cardiovascular benefits as well as improving quickness, hand eye coordination, reaction time etc. Not to mention chicks dig scars.

What sports need no coordination?


Do doctors need coordination?

Of course they do!

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