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The human body is composed of muscles (and all else). When you use those muscles they need oxygen. Playing "soccer" raises the muscle usage. Alas, you get tired!

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Q: Why do you get tired fast when playing soccer?
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How fast do muscles get tired?

Mucles get tired because you get a lot of work out like if your going to the gym or if you are playing a sport. The first picture shows a person or people working out in a gym. The second picture shows two soccer players playing in a soccer game.

How do you not get tired really fast playing soccer?

You need to be very fit. The fitter you are, the longer you will last. So you need to work on your fitness, stamina and strength.

Why you need to be fast in soccer?

So you can get past the people and so you don't get tired

When playing soccer do wearing soccer cleats make a difference?

yes it will it will make you kick far and run fast.

Which burns more calories basketball or soccer?

Soccer, larger playing area so there is more ground to cover. After an hour of soccer I am much more tired than after a game of basketball.

What is endurance in soccer?

Being able to alternatively sprint, jog, jump and walk without getting tired in a 90 minute period while playing soccer.

Why is soccer so exciting?

Because it's a fast moving, fun playing sport!

What fast playing team sport has 11 players but can also have 6 players?


How can i get better at playing soccer?

you can get better at playing soccer by practicing.

What is a soccer ball for?

For playing soccer

Where is the art in soccer?

playing soccer

How do you get soccer cancer?

by playing soccer!

In fast-pitch games which players must wear helmets?

Players wear helmets when playing American soccer.

What do they mean when they say a soccer player is running empty?

He is tired

What is the speed of soccer?

There is no speed of soccer. In soccer the only speed is how fast you run.

What can you drink in a soccer game to not get tired?

DON"T DRINK AT ALL. !!!! I'm not kidding. Try to slowly make your organism get addapted to not DRINKING water while you are playing. When you drink, you organism starts to work, so you get tired even faster. Don't drink,First of it's bad for your heart to drink while exercising, second, you don't get tired so fast. Professional Soccer players never drink water, in practices or games. They spit the water out, they drink water only to rinse their mouse from the sticky saliva.

What the speed of soccer?


How did japan started playing soccer?

soccer was

What determines how fast your reflexes are?

YOUR BRAIN REACTION,YOUR muscles, tired or no tired,even weather.

Why man get tired after running fast?

because he slowely he loses his energy, so he will tired

Why did the soccer ball quit the team?

He was tired of being kicked around.

How fast are soccer balls?

as fast as you want to kick it dingbat

How fast can a soccer player kick a soccer ball?

222 kmph

Do fish get tired of swimming?

They get tired when they have to swim fast to catch a prey or swim away from a predator.

How fast do muscles get tired. A science project?

when you get tierd