Why do they not make high top soccer cleats?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Because they wear shin guards and most of the shin guards go down to your ankles.

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Q: Why do they not make high top soccer cleats?
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Do they make high top soccer cleats?


What are the differences between soccer cleats and softball cleats?

so, soccer cleats, don't have a 'toe' cleat on the top, and a softball cleat does. if you compare them, look at the very top. also they are made of different materials, and on the bottom part, where the heal is, soccer cleats usually have a different pattern.

What are the best cleats for Soccer?

Nike's Tiempo cleats are one of the top brands recommended for defenders. Another one is the Adidas 11Pro TRX which is also recommended for defenders.

What shoes does a basketball player wear?

Cleats or high top sneakers

How do you put in color cards in mizuno cleats?

Unlace the cleats then put it in the top

Do high top cleats make you run faster than low tops?

high tops encourage with your ankle to be weak get low tops or mid tops youll run faster with those they let you r ankle move

What soccer cleats should you use to kick a knuckle ball easier?

The cleats don't impact the kick. The materials on the top of the boot are more important. Some boots have micro-ribs on the top and tip, and some have panels that cover the laces, making the boot more uniform. Cleats are important in negotiating the pitch; artificial turf, good grass, harder dirt, mud, etc. Some boots come with exchangeable cleats. Adidas and Puma manufacture very good boots.

Are cleats better than sneakers for running?

my best bet would be cleats for grass but sneakers for black top

20 top soccer players in 2006?

20 top soccer players in 2006

What kind of clothing does a soccer player wear?

Soccer players have to wear jerseys of the same color to their team, and different to their oppenents color. The Goalkeeper must wear a different color than his/her own team. Each player must wear soccer cleats, shinguards*, and socks that cover the shinguards. Goalkeepers are permitted to wear goalkeeper gloves. * also known as shin pads

Can you play football in sneakers?

I depends on who and how you are playing. If it is just backyard footballl with some buddies, then sneakers are fine. On the other hand, if it is any kind of competitive play, cleats are a must.

What is the meaning of playing soccer in a dream?

according to proffesionals if you are to dream of playing soccer in your sleep you are in the top 25% of soccer players in the world