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becasue they have time to touch each other.

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Q: Why do the majority of girls think soccer players have better male bodies than football players?
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Why do football players get paid so much money?

They pay their insurance and they have a lot of pain and suffering to their bodies after they retire.

Is Australian Football A Contact Sport?

Very much so. Players are allowed to tackle ball carriers and obstruct opponents with their bodies, with no padding at all.

What sport has the best looking men?

Well I think basketball guys r hot face wise but football and baseball players have nice bodies

How many football players have taken steroids?

I am person who both played football and have been involved in amateur bodybuilding for years. The answer to this question should be quite obvious. Most football players either take steroids or they have taken them at some point during their carreer. Comparing the football players from... let us say... the 1960's to the players of today is like comparing apples to watermelons. Their bodies are not simply the result of weighttraining. For some reason the NFL has gotten a virtual free pass from the scrutiny of the government and the media.

Did they ever find the bodies of the football players lost at sea?

they didn't, they were lost at sea, only one survived, the others couldn't take it anymore and just let go

Do lacrosse players have nice bodies?

yes of course

Does it matter in football if you have a butt pad?

yeah its for your bodies protection

What pro football team is nickname proud Americans?

golgi bodies

What changes happen to our bodies when we play football?

LOL. you get sweaty...duuhh..

Is it true or false all the players on a hockey team can use their feet or bodies or stick to stop a ball?


How can you get injured in American football?

Besides the usual twisting of ankles, legs, wrists, necks, etc. that are associated with most sports; the physical body contact (impacts) of heavy bodies conducted at relatively high speeds (running speeds) can cause the majority of injuries.

What is the difference of a college football and NFL football?

Football is football, right? Well, though the basics of the game are the same and the uniforms are equally padded, there are some major differences between college football games and NFL Football. Some of these differences are noticeable to the naked or uninformed eye and some are not. Ultimately, football is football: there are touchdowns, fans, tailgate parties, and helmets. The biggest difference between college football games and NFL football is that NFL players are considered professionals and are paid more. They not only get a larger salary or contract, but they can also participate in any number of paid endorsements. College football players are not on salary, though many of them are on athletic scholarships of some sort. They may also receive a stipend, but it's nowhere near the millions professional NFL players make. If college football players make money from playing football, they are then deemed professional and may have to forfeit the chance to play for their school. Additionally, as one would guess, college football players have to attend class and meet a certain GPA, among other restrictions while professional NFL players do not have these restrictions. Most NFL players are bigger than college football players, and this is because they have more time to dedicate to working out. They have trainers and doctors and other professionals on call to help them perfect their minds, bodies, and performance. Additionally, NFL players have access to gyms, other facilities, and products as most college football players do, however more resources go into this for a professional team than most college football teams. There are some differences between the rules of college and NFL football, and many of them are quite minor. One of the biggest differences is linked to the fields the players play on. The hash marks on NFL fields are narrower than the ones on college football fields, and this is because pros start play towards the middle of the field and the marks don't end up meaning much when it comes to the calling of plays. In college football games, the marks are wider because they are used more. It makes kicking games harder to manage. Additionally, the marks make it so that sweeps to the short side of the field are harder because space runs out quickly. One other difference relates to when a play is over. During college football games, a play is over once the person with the ball has a knee touch the ground. In NFL football, the play is over once the player is forced down by another player. If you fall and slip on your own, you can get up and finish running. These are just some of the basics to the differences between NLF football and college football games. There are many nuances which alters how the same game is played for both organizations and has lead to the debate of which is more entertaining. We'll leave that up to you to decide.

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