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Dancers are a lot stronger for lifts and leaps and turns. Everything is more technical and you can't even begin with all of the hard technical skills until you are strong. Stronger than a football player even. They run with a ball and stuff but they don't have to have the strength to support their bodies in various ways.

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Q: Is football players stronger than ballet dancers?
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Are ballet dancers stronger than football players?

yes of course, because ballet dancers have more stamina, more flexibility, and more balance. so heck yes

Is a ballet dancer stronger than a rugby player?

Ballet dancers and rugby players are strong in different ways. I think that male ballet dancers might be stronger but it's hard to judge

Who is fitter ballet dancers or rugby players?

ballet dancers are sorry its clear that they are as test have proved this

Are ballet dancers fitter than footballl players?

Hell yes ballet dancers are stronger. Footbal players are all meat and muscle that isnt true. Ballet dancers also can go on pointe it takes extreme muscle time and effort to do that. Anyone can doggie pile like an idiot but can anyone do a double pirouette on pointe? The answer is no.

Who are the toughest athletes?

Surprisingly, ballet dancers. Their discipline and years of training make them the toughest athlets, ranking over skaters, football players, or gymnasts. There is no other sport where the players play injured as ballet dancers do, or wear equipment that is too small, or train longer.

Why are ballet dancers fitter than football players?

Passion, dedication, length and frequency of training and the physical demands on the entire body.

How does ballet help football players?

Ballet helps football players by getting better at their movement and foot techneque.

Do professional football players take ballet?

Football players do ballet for structure and posture. They practice gracefullness before they stary professional leagues.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ballet Dancers - 2009?

The cast of Ballet Dancers - 2009 includes: Erin Henk as Ballet Dancers

Do saints football players do yoga and or ballet or both?


What percentage of football players take ballet?


Who would dance to ballet?

Ballet Dancers

Who is the patron saint of ballet dancers?

St. Vitus was the patron saint of ballet dancers.

Did 'Bear Bryant' make his football players take ballet?

Yes, he hired a ballet teacher from Montgomery.

Are dancers stronger than hockey players?

Ballet dancers are probably stronger mentally as it takes years of training and practice and stretching, pain etc.However i think they are probably above or on the same level physically, as hockey players probably do a lot of training too. But then again, i am not a hockey player so i wouldn't know! Hope this helps :) PS i just got wikianswers hehaheh

What shoes do ballet dancers wear?

Ballet dancers wear Ballet Shoes which are mainly soft pink and sometimes have a ribbon to secure them

Is it true that professional football players are required to take ballet?

I don't think that it is required but i believe many football players do ballet because it is a good way to become more flexible. Being flexible can help out with their football.

Is it true that all ballet dancers are womens?

No its not true at all. There are many famous male ballet dancers.

What is group of ballet dancers called?

Corps de Ballet

Do football players take ballet?

Yes, they do! It it good for them and keeps them in shape for football and a lot of NFL players belong to Ballet companies during the off season! It also keeps them balanced and helps their flexibility.

Why do ballet dancers have to be so thin?

Ballet dancers dont have to be thin. However in order to gain the flexibility and physical strength for ballet, you do have to be very fit.

What is the middle of the money ballet dancers make?

Ballet dancers are paid $15,000-$30,000 US dollars on average annually. However this depends on the level of the company and its prestige, and the position you hold in the company. For example, dancers at American Ballet Theatre make more money than dancers at the Portland Ballet Company. Also, principal dancers will make much more than dancers in the corps de ballet.

Who were the first dancers of the ballet?

The Aristocracy

Who were the first dancers of ballet?

The Aristocracy

Can ballet dancers have tattoos?


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