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because they like to use steroid drugs

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Q: Why do some sports people choose to use steroid drugs?
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What drugs factors can affect sports training and performance?


What percent of high school students who don't play sports use drugs vs those who do play sports?

It is a fact that 67% of the people who don't play sports do not get involved with drugs. 23% of the kids do choose to do drugs.. It is said that sports keeps your mind off other things.

What sports do people use drugs in?


Do people with Dermatomyositis get steroids?

Individuals are given steroid drugs (prednisone, corticosteroids ) that suppress the immune system

What drugs are used for asthma?

steroid inhalers mostly

Should performance enhancing drugs or steroid be illegal?


Does crack help you in sports?

Drugs do not help people period, if you play sports you want to maintain healthy.

Which drugs are most popular in sports?

One of the most popular drugs in Sports are steroids

Why do pro sports teams make players take urine drug tests?

Professional sports team force players to take urine drug tests to avoid cheating by using performance enhancing drugs. Steroid use is a common problem among pro athletes in competitive sports.

Does Batman take drugs?

No! Batman took drugs in one comic but then stopped cause he knew it was bad but they were technically steroid's

What is an aminosteroid?

An aminosteroid is any of a group of drugs with a similar structure based on a steroid nucleus.

Why do people choose alcohol and drugs as a way of dealing?

Becuase many times it is hard to deal with a problem, and drugs masks the problem.

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