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They don't...

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Q: Why do soccer players die during a game?
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Why do soccer players die while playing soccer?

only a few football players have died while playing football most noticeably Antionio Puerta, although he did not die during the actual game - later in hospital. the cause is usually a answer your question they dont die from tackles or anything, haha

How come some soccer players die in soccer fields?

Soccer players might have died because they worked themselves to death or they got hurt somehow. Don't really know. Sorry.

How do soccer players die on the field?

Most players die from a sudden heart attack like Cameron player Marc-Vivien Foe in 2003

Why do you need to use dice in Clue?

In the game of Clue, (at least the Clue I have), there are two game modes: * Die roll * No die roll In no die roll, players move nine spaces every turn (This makes it easier for players with bad luck...). In the Die roll version players use die to determine how many spaces they move for that turn. ----InfoMac

Why does the Arabian soccer player die with a seizure?

The player does not die... he just had a seizure. he went to the hospital but played the next game

How many football players died playing college football?

I believe only one died from a football related injury. There were many to die due to other problems but during game play.

When was Players Never Die created?

Players Never Die was created in 1997.

Can you die from a soccer ball?

If the soccer ball hits a certain part of your head then yes you could die.

When did Frank Booth - soccer - die?

Frank Booth - soccer - died in 1955.

When did Alexander Hall - soccer - die?

Alexander Hall - soccer - died in 1943.

When did Robert Lane - soccer - die?

Robert Lane - soccer - died in 1940.

When did Marvin Allen - soccer - die?

Marvin Allen - soccer - died in 1996.

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