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Scuba divers do not wear heavy metal suits. Perhaps you are referring to the bulky looking Mark 5 dive gear with the large helmet and the breast plate that weighs 64 pounds. Suit weighs 25 lbs. Each shoe weighs 25 lbs. Oh, the weight belt the diver wears is 60 to 80 lbs. All this weight is needed to get the diver to sink from all the air inside the helmet.

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The heavy suits are pressure suits to protect them from deep water pressure. The further down you go underwater, the more weight is on top of you, and when you go really deep, it can actually harm your organs from pressure, so they wear suits. The weight needed to stay underwater is worn on a belt around the diver's waist, so the suit isn't to keep them underwater.

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Scuba divers do not wear heavy metal suits. Scuba divers are self contained and typically wear suits of rubber and have weight belts to counteract their buoyancy. The divers that wear metal suits are typically working at more shallow depths for longer periods of time, they are connected to the surface by hoses to provide air.

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Q: Why do scuba divers wear heavy metallic suits?
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How do scuba divers protect themselves from the damaging effects of pressure?

Equalising, to stop bleeding out of the ears. Whole scuba suits to ease mobility.

How will astronauts get oxygen?

Their suits-similar to divers.

What kind of clothes does divers wear?

Diver Suits

How do you do deep diving in the ocean?

Deep diving in the ocean is done very carefully in special suits and helmets. Pressure under the ocean is significant and can be immense by the time you are down a few hundred feet. Scuba diving is sometimes used commercially, but only to depths of about 120 feet. - Many large dockyards and navies employ 'clearance divers ' to repair items on the bottom of ships and work on the dockyard floor. These divers wear heavy canvas suits and large hard helmets, fed air by lines from the surface. They can work down to 300 feet deep or so. Research and oilfield divers can wear special hard suits that allow them to go down almost 1,000 ft. These divers often wear "Newt suits" made by the Canadian company Nuytco Research in Vancouver.

Who invented scuba diving suits?

Luke Davis

How do astronauts breathe in their suits?

The carry self-contained breathing equipment on their suits, not unlike a scuba diver.

Why deep sea divers wear diving suits?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

Are space suits heavy?

Yes, space suits are very heavy. They made it heavy because, they had to walk on the moon. Moon has less gravity and we may fly. So, the heavy space suits prevent them from flying...

Why do deep-sea divers need to wear special suits?

Water is generally colder than body temperature so divers need special suits to keep warm to be able to stay down longer.

How much did the early scuba diving suits weight?

45 lbs or pounds

How much does an old scuba diving suit weigh?

Scuba means self contained breathing apparatus and it was actually a bit lighter in the past than today because divers tended not to wear dry suits and had lower pressure air tanks.I think you are referring to standard dress, heavy dress or hard hat diving suits. These had big brass helmets and heavy weighted boots. The helmet displaced many litres of water and the suit contained air too, As a result the helmet was heavy as were the boots and divers often put additional chest weights on. The all up weight of the suit, boots and helmet was well over 80kg. People who used these suits stood on the floor to work, so even more weight would sometimes be used to help with some tasks. Standard dress as it is known is not used very much in the West and are generally only kept by collectors but is still used in Asia for commercial diving work.80 kgs or about 170 lbs

Why do divers wear such small swimsuits?

the suits have to be stream line to move faster in the water

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