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45 lbs or pounds

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Q: How much did the early scuba diving suits weight?
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Who invented scuba diving suits?

Luke Davis

Where can one find more information about diving suits?

One could visit the PADI website to learn more about diving suits. The site is full of useful information on scuba diving. In fact, there is an entire page devoted to dry suit diving tips.

What is the difference between a wetsuit for scuba diving surfing and kitesurfing?

A wetsuit for scuba diving is 10x thicker than any other wetsuits in order to conserve heat deep underwater. Surfing and kite surfing suits are generally thinner and more flexible than scuba diving wetsuits.

Is rubber a good insulator?

yes it is... think of wet suits and how they are used in scuba diving as an insulator between water and your body Because it is not a conductor

How do you get the diving suit where do you get it?

You can buy them. All good scuba shops sell dive suits. Many good spots shops not specializing in scuba gear can at least order on for you. You may also rent a dive suit.

When were diving suits invented?


Where is odlaw's binoculars on Where is waldo deep sea dive puzzle?

they are in the bottom left quadrant next to the two girls in green and red striped suits scuba diving on the rock

What does the appropriate attire for an oceanographer?

When working in the office, oceanographers were the same type of clothing other professionals wear. When working in the ocean, they wear wet suits, diving masks, and SCUBA gear.

What are diving suits made out of?

Your Dads sperm

How do astronauts breathe in their suits?

The carry self-contained breathing equipment on their suits, not unlike a scuba diver.

How do people get in a diving suits?

they hopp in and zip up

Why do scuba divers wear heavy metallic suits?

Scuba divers do not wear heavy metal suits. Perhaps you are referring to the bulky looking Mark 5 dive gear with the large helmet and the breast plate that weighs 64 pounds. Suit weighs 25 lbs. Each shoe weighs 25 lbs. Oh, the weight belt the diver wears is 60 to 80 lbs. All this weight is needed to get the diver to sink from all the air inside the helmet.

When did women start wearing suits?

Women started wearing business suits as early as the 1930s. These early suits were skirt suits not pants suits that can be found today.

How do scuba divers protect themselves from the damaging effects of pressure?

Equalising, to stop bleeding out of the ears. Whole scuba suits to ease mobility.

How do humans breathe in diving suits?

They have protective gear that were made to do in the water

Was zinc used to make old diving suits?

No however manganese was

Where are the air pockets in scuba suits?

over ur dick sou can have 3 way

Why deep sea divers wear diving suits?

Deep sea divers wear diving suits in order to prevent their body by the harmful effects of maximum pressure at greater depth in seas and ocean.

How much does an old scuba diving suit weigh?

Scuba means self contained breathing apparatus and it was actually a bit lighter in the past than today because divers tended not to wear dry suits and had lower pressure air tanks.I think you are referring to standard dress, heavy dress or hard hat diving suits. These had big brass helmets and heavy weighted boots. The helmet displaced many litres of water and the suit contained air too, As a result the helmet was heavy as were the boots and divers often put additional chest weights on. The all up weight of the suit, boots and helmet was well over 80kg. People who used these suits stood on the floor to work, so even more weight would sometimes be used to help with some tasks. Standard dress as it is known is not used very much in the West and are generally only kept by collectors but is still used in Asia for commercial diving work.80 kgs or about 170 lbs

What Dive suits for undersea exploration have which type of device attached to help the diver breathe?


Dive suits for undersea exploration have which type of device attached to help the diver breathe?


How does a scuba diver suit help protect them from the ocean?

It keeps the body temperature close to normal, or attempts to do this. It also protects against coral abrasions and various other exposure to underwater animals or obstacles. Wetsuits are referred to as "exposure suits" in the diving industry.

What do humans breathe in a diving suit?

Humans breathe pure oxygen in diving suits because that is the gas humans and animals are required to have to stay alive and not suffocate. If a person scuba dives with pure oxygen they should dip a small object in ponaris and rub it on the inside of their nose so the tender skin of the inner nostril doesn't crack and bleed

How do you do deep diving in the ocean?

Deep diving in the ocean is done very carefully in special suits and helmets. Pressure under the ocean is significant and can be immense by the time you are down a few hundred feet. Scuba diving is sometimes used commercially, but only to depths of about 120 feet. - Many large dockyards and navies employ 'clearance divers ' to repair items on the bottom of ships and work on the dockyard floor. These divers wear heavy canvas suits and large hard helmets, fed air by lines from the surface. They can work down to 300 feet deep or so. Research and oilfield divers can wear special hard suits that allow them to go down almost 1,000 ft. These divers often wear "Newt suits" made by the Canadian company Nuytco Research in Vancouver.

Did early astronauts where suits and ties into space?