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to have fun :)

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Q: Why do people join volleyball and what is the sport all about?
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When did all volleyball become an olympic sport?

When did volleyball become an olympic sport???????????? When did volleyball become an olympic sport????????????

Will you get to play volleyball?

Anyone can play volleyball. Its a fun sport for all ages.

Why do people play volleyball?

people like playing volleyball because it is a fun sport and people like playing it because they get to have fun playing with their friends and they get to run all over the court.

Why is volleyball a popular sport in the US?

Because volleyball is a lot of fun, and people must like to play it!! Volleyball is a skilled sport and is a joy to watch. It is very athletic and can be super competive or just recreational. There is indoor and beach volleyball so it can be played all year round. It is fun for girls and boys.

Why is volleyball a good sport for fitness?

Yes, volleyball is a good sport for fitness because it helps all of your mussels like arms and legs defiantly.

Is volleyball a famous sport?

Volleyball is quite a well known and popular sport. Children all around the world start playing variatiations of it when they are very young.

Do they play volleyball in England?

yes volleyball is a known and loved sport all over the world. especially in englan!

Which sport is better field hockey or volleyball?

This all depends on your preference.

How many people play volleyball?

alot of people play it after all its the 2nd most famous sport ever - there are 6 people on the court at the same time.

How hard is club volleyball if you want to join soon?

It's a very personal decision, but volleyball can be a lot of fun. It's a team sport, so you learn to work with others toward the same goal. You'll meet a lot of new people that all have at least one interest in common. Plus, once you get better at it, you can show off on vacation during beach volleyball.

How many seasons is volleyball played for?

all year because it is an indoor sport

What sport do the people of Michigan play?

All kinds of things. Baseball, Bowling, Basketball, Football, Volleyball,and etc...... ( theres a lot more!)

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