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Just because something is fake does not make it bad. There are hundreds of fictional shows on TV that people enjoy watching. Its like kids at a magic show ... magic is just an allousion.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-29 00:00:21
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Q: Why do people find wrestling so good when it is so fake?
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He is so good because wrestling is fake! xD

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How can Pro Wrestling Illustrated give awards to wrestlers if wrestling is fake?

Not all wrestling is fake the only time it may be fake would be the rivalries at occasional times because Smackdown's U.S champion-M.V.P has a move dedicated to Chris Benoit when they fought week after week month after month. Sometimes the punches are fake (fake as opposed to not as strong as they could be) when they blow to the face because closed fists are supposedly considered illegal blows if not outside of the ring or if wrestlers are saving or out of energy. However, the slams,619s, Chokeslams, Sweet Chin's, and Stunners are real even when wrestlers look as if they are overselling. The awards are based more on work ethic and fanbase. man i am sick of these haters... wrestling is real nuff said if they land special ways it doesn't mean it's fake it is simply coreagraphed got it... good...

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It's real fake wrestling. It's just for fun and you get to watch a couple Amazon Women act like they're actually wrestling. Inevitably, one or both get some item of clothing ripped off (it's probably planned), but since they're covered in mud, you can't really see anything. It's good, clean fun, in the mud and nobody gets hurt.

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