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WWE is not 100% fake first off, though the moves are choreographed and obviously scripted. It is fun to watch, enjoyable, and interesting. The 'E' on the end of WWE stands for Entertainment. People like the lights, the pyrotechnics, the sounds, the theme music, and the "Good guy vs Bad Guy" theme in every match. So what if the moves are fake, the audience wont know the outcome, so it is good fun.

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Wrestling is just scripted to make more intensity and fights. But when they get slammed, they get hurt. Is there any way that me throwing you from ten feet in the air that you will not get hurt even if your trained. People don't understand that wrestling is very painful and in the past when it was PG-13 people have almost lost their lives or maybe even scarred for life from brain damage. Chris Bennoit had some brain damage and they say that caused him to commit suicide. It's not fake and it's very entertaining. Search Edge spears Jeff Hardy, you'll see.

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It is fake wrestling but the audiences are real. I went to a raw show and I'm going to a ppv. The sport is fake but not the audience

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Q: If wrestling is fake why do people still buy ticket to watch?
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98% of all people worldwide watch wrestling instead of other sports.

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How long will wrestling last?

It's a form of entertainment, so as long as people are willing to watch it, wrestling will stick around.

How can you watch women wrestling matches?

You can watch women wrestling matches by searching for women wrestling match videos on Youtube.

What would happened if people find out that wrestling is just a act?

No one can really say.Some people might get angry, some might stop watching, and others might not care at all and still continue to watch it.

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Who watchs wrestling?

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How old do you have to be to watch wrestling?


Is wrestling as a sport as popular as it once was?

it is still popular, but it isn't what it used to be. When wrestling first came out familys would sit down and watch it, but now, not everybody in the family watches for one reason or another.

Is wrestling real or just an entertainment?

It's all scripted. I still wouldn't call it fake. The pain is real, and it takes a lot to be a wrestler. Wrestling is as fake as everything else you can watch on TV. For instance a movie. A movie is (usually) not a true story; it's made up, but you still watch it, don't you? Wrestling is an entertainment, in fact the best entertainment ever made, but that doesn't mean you should call it fake.

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