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This us usually because:

Your bolt is chopping the paintball in half, because the loader is too slow.

There are broken paintballs in your hopper, which, when hit by the bolt, explode.

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The tank attached to the gun fires a blast of gas (most common are dry air and CO2) into the action... look at diagram. in the space and fires the paintball.

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Q: Why do paintballs explode in the gun sometimes?
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How different is a cheap paintball compared to an expensive one?

Cheap paintballs are very different from expensive paintballs in that the more expensive models are less likely to explode in your gun. In addition, the flight path of an expensive paintball tends to be more accurate.

What is shot out of a paintball gun?


Can you buy paintballs for a gun?

Do you mean a firearm or a paintball gun?

Can you freeze paintballs?

Freezing paintballs make them brittle. And will likely break wen fired, spraying paint all down the barrel of the gun :(

What happens if you shoot a paintball gun without co2 or paintballs?

without CO2 or paintballs, you just put the bolt forward. In most guns this is how you de-cock after a day of play, but if you have a regulator, it may store a single shot. If you fire without co2, the gun will not cycle or fire a paintball, it will only go into the barrel. If you fire with no paintballs and co2, you may damage your gun.

Can you use 68 caliber paintballs on a 50 caliber gun?

No. They will be too large to fit in the gun or be fired out of the barrel.

What is the top thing in a paintball gun that holds the paintballs called?

Hopper or Loader

How did the Parthenon explode?

a gun shell during a war had explode on it

Can paintballs be used in airsoft guns?

You can buy airsoft paintballs, but they're the size of a small pellet and I've had a hard time finding them. Technically no. There are NO paintballs that work in an airsoft gun. The answer above was partially correct though. They make marker bbs that are basically bbs but they have paint on them.

Can you use 45 caliber paintballs for a 50 caliber paintball gun?

There are no 45 caliber paintballs. If there were, you still could not use them in a 50 caliber, due to the barrel being larger and that you would have 1 and 1/4 paintballs in the chamber at a time, which would chop every time.

How old do you have to be to get a paint ball gun?

18 is the minimum age for purchasing paintball markers, paintballs, or tanks.

What is a paintball hopper?

This all depends on the feedneck on the gun. That is, the circular part on top of the gun that connects the hopper to the marker. If it is clamping feedneck, simply release the clamp, push it down all the way and close the clamp appropriately. Others you may have to unscrew with an Alan key, and on the lower guns, just push it on their to the best of your ability. Though clamping feedneck is by far the best to have on a gun, due to the fact that it decreases the possibility of the hopper coming off.