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You can buy airsoft paintballs, but they're the size of a small pellet and I've had a hard time finding them.

Technically no. There are NO paintballs that work in an airsoft gun. The answer above was partially correct though. They make marker bbs that are basically bbs but they have paint on them.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-09 17:13:14
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Q: Can paintballs be used in airsoft guns?
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Are there special paintballs made to be used in air rifles?

No. There are small paintballs mad however for low power spring airsoft guns.

What is better at training for the military airsoft guns or paintball guns?

The military, when not using simunitions (chalk like paintballs used in actual firearms) , uses paintballs for training.

Can airsoft guns be used as paintball guns?

Yes they can. 6mm paintballs are what you need for they will fit in the barrel. but some fields dont allow them.

Can air soft guns shoot paintballs?

Not normal 68 cal. paintballs but you can buy special 6mm paintballs intended for airsoft guns ive never seen one in stores so you might have to order them from online

Can airsoft guns shoot gel pellets?

Yes, you can buy miniature "paintballs" for airsoft, however they break easily, ruining guns and do not show up very well.

Can airsoft guns use paintballs?

no you can youse 0.12 gram bb's and 0.20 gram bb's

Can an airsoft gun shoot paintballs?

Yes, but not the big ones real paintball markers shoot. You can buy little paintballs made especially for airsoft guns. Technically no. There are no paintballs that work in an airsoft gun. HOWEVER, they do make marker bbs that are basically paintballs but they are bbs. I don't know exactly how they work but I know you will see paint.

Can BB guns shoot paintballs if they normally shoot 6mm bb's?

Paintballs are about 17mm, MUCH too large for an airsoft gun (and too heavy)

Do 6mm paintballs work in all airsoft guns?

No, only low powered spring guns. They will break in and break down aegs and high powered springs.

Can you shoot airsoft pellets out of a paintball gun?

No. Paintballs are much MUCH larger than airsoft pellets (.50-inch and higher), the guns' feed mechanisms are completely different.

Can airsoft guns be used in public?


Can an airsoft gun fire paintballs?

No, a .68 paintball is several times larger than an airsoft pellet. There are "paintball" airsoft pellets, but they only work on low powered spring guns and have a very small splat mark.

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