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football players put air in theIR helmets because it is used to fill up space if the helmet is too big or some helmets have special pads that blow up that are more comfortable

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Q: Why do football players put air in there helmets?
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Why do you put symbols on the side of football helmets?

in college they put the symbols on their helmets for great plays or game making and breaking plays

What colleges put stickers on their football helmets?

Georgia Ohio State University of Michigan

When was the first football helmet invented?

In the earliest days of football in the 1860s some players simply tied a bandana around their heads. There weren't even leather football helmets then. In those days there were brutal plays. Players actually trampled on opposing team members, yet there was no protection for players' heads. 18 deaths were reported. The earliest leather football helmets were invented by a Navy player in 1893 after his doctor warned him that one more kick to the head could kill or paralyze him for life. The player asked a local blacksmith to improvise a leather harness hat to protect his head. Thus the first football helmet was born. Soon other players created additional styles of leather football helmets to protect their heads and ears. Styles included the early beehive leather football helmet, the flat-top leather football helmets, and the dogear leather football helmet. The colors began to show up on early 1940s leather football helmets. Before that most helmets were plain natural leather either brown, cordovan, or black. Color leather football helmets allowed the quarterback to better see the receiver at long distances when he was far down the field. So more and more teams began to paint their leather football helmets to put some visibility sizzel into their games. Gradually in the late 1940s the leather football helmet began to be replaced by early plastics. However many of the early plastic football helmets shattered and caused injury. So, the leather football helmet survived through the World War II years and lingered into the early 1950s. Some pooreer high school teams and JR high teams used old leather helmets right into the 1960s and 70s. But gradually the old leather football helmet was replaced by the plastics.

How do you football players clean their uniforms?

put it on the washer

What is a football belt?

its something football players put on so that there pants dont slip off

Why doesn't Penn State have American Flag on helmets?

Most football teams do not put the US Flag on their helmets. It is too likely to be damaged, scratched and dented, not a good sign of respect.

Why do football players put tape on their triceps?

To prevent injuring their tendon.

Why do baseball players put pine tar on their helmets?

Its not that they put pine tar on their helmets on purpose. Its from handling the bat with their gloves, then both adjusting/taking off their helmet. So it just transfers from bat to helmet via the glove. Sure they could clean their helmets after a game, but I'm sure its a superstitious thing with many baseball players to not clean the helmet. I'm sure you've seen tons of ball players with extremely dirty helmets... Also... ball players ''adjust'' the amount of pine tar on their gloves for preference by touching their helmet to take some of it off.

When were visors for football helmets invented?

So the sun doesn't get in their eyes, also that is why they put black markings under their eyes.

What should my dog and i be for Halloween?

football players! my dog was a football player for hallaween just put a jersy on it.

Why do quarterbacks take off their helemt and put on caps?

It keeps the sweat out of their eyes. Football players sweat a lot under those helmets and when they take them off, it will roll into their eyes. Some guys wear the skull caps under their helmets for the same reason, and so that their helmet doesn't pull their hair out when they take it off.

Why do football players put tape on their cleats?

some use it for support on their ankles

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