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Q: Do football players wear rugby boots?
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Can you legally wear rugby cleats for baseball or vice-versa?

Rugby players wear boots.

What do Australians play football in?

Australian footballers wear much the same as soccer and rugby players: team guernseys, shorts, club socks and studded football boots.

Why do football players wear bright boots?

they feel like it

Which professional athletes wear number 31?

basket ball players do and football players and rugby players do

How come rugby people have to wear rugby boots?

Many players where soccer boots however, rugby "boots" have a higher ankle area to protect that area when rucking or be rucked over. The term "Rugby boot" actually refers to the earliest foot-ware which were in fact working boots. the studs were small studs which were used to reduce wear on the sole on the boot. These were worn by the players who came from industry especially heavy industry and coal mining.

Are you allowed to wear rugby boots for football?

Yes however there not practical and aren't designed to kick balls.

What football players wear puma boots?

1) Sergio Aguero2) Henry3) Fabrigas

Why do you have to wear football boots in rugby?

Its because they have studs that can aid grip in the grass and muddy conditions that the game is played in

Do you wear football boots for touch football?

No you don't need to wear football boots, you could wear running shoes.

What clothes do rugby players wear?

Boots, socks, shorts rugby jersey and most will wear a swimming trunks under their shorts. Some will opt for a scum cap. In addition some will wear body armour allowed by the World Rugby Rules

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

What boots do quade Cooper wear?

Le Coq Sportiff Rugby Boots

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