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It is usually to match the uniforms of the mascot and school colours. Most will tell you that it is to represent the school and football (Basketball) teams. It can also be for fashion and prep.

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Q: Why do cheerleaders wear uniforms?
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Why do the cheerleaders wear cheerleader uniforms?

Um....because they're cheerleaders?

Do Florida International University cheerleaders wear bras or panties under their cheerleading uniforms?

Most cheerleaders wear sports bras and lollies or spanks under their uniforms

What kind of uniforms did cheerleaders wear in 1898?

There were no cheerleaders in 1898. cheerleading was not invented until the early1900s

Do cheerleaders wear shorts?

some uniforms have shorts rather then skrits and then most but not all cheerleaders wear shorts to practice

Do the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders wear underwear under their uniforms?

Only they know for sure!

Why don't level 3 cheerleaders wear crop uniforms?

becuase after this year all cheer teams have to have full body uniforms

What are the things called that cheerleaders wear underneath of their uniforms?

they are called bloomers they are kind of like underwear

What do people think about the cheerleading clothes?

Most high schools require their cheerleaders to wear thick full shirt uniforms to comply with dress codes. All Star cheerleaders usually wear half top uniforms made of nylon or spandex because they feel they are easier to move in

Why do cheerleaders wear skirts?

I think that cheerleaders wear Skirts to bring out there pride

What do male cheerleaders wear?

male cheerleaders wear a shirt and shorts. Like in this picture:

How many styles of uniforms are there for cheerleaders?

a million go to or

Why do cheerleaders wear bloomers for?

cheerleaders wear bloomers to cover up their private parts when the jump and flip!!

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