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they are definitley supposed to be leaders. they need to know that even when they think people arent watching them, they are. they need to lead in and out of their cheer uniforms.

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Q: What are values cheerleaders should have?
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Why do cheerleaders want to get with me?

I assume that you are a boy. Cheerleaders may want to "get with you" because they find you attractive, or the general stereotype that cheerleaders should "be with".

Should cheerleaders be banned from professonal sports?

no not really because cheerleaders cheer for sport teams.

What should a cheerleader look like?

Cheerleaders come in all different shapes and sizes. There is no way that a cheerleader SHOULD look. Some men are cheerleaders, and other cheerleaders have down syndrome. Anyone can be a cheerleader.

What do coaches tell cheerleaders what not to do?

Coaches tell their cheerleaders not to drop their fliers, be loose, frown or not have facials. Those are all things you should NOT do

What is the plural possessive nouns of cheerleaders?

The possessive form of the plural noun 'cheerleaders' is cheerleaders'.example: The cheerleaders' practice is at three today.

How should cheerleaders conduct themselves?

Cheerleaders should always conduct themselves in such a way that represents their school in the best way possible. Because they are usually always seen by people and looked up to, it is important for cheerleaders to always be friendly, poised, charming and most of all have the All American Image.

Is balarinas more flexible than cheerleaders?

depends on the person. some balerinas are not flexible some are. some cheerleaders are, some aren't. if you're a flyer, you should be.

Should NFL cheerleaders wear shorter skirts and shorts?


What is the antecedent for they the cheerleaders?

If 'they' are the 'cheerleaders', then 'cheerleaders' is the noun antecedent. The antecedent is the noun (or pronoun) that a pronoun replaces.example: The cheerleaders are on the field and they are ready to perform.

Does WNBA have cheerleaders?

No the WNBA doesn't have cheerleaders, but they do have dancers.

What the attitude in cheerleading?

Cheerleaders represent their school or team with a positive and uplifting attitude! Cheerleaders should be "peppy" but always be aware of their actions in the public eye that may negatively affect them.

What are football cheerleaders called?

Sideline Cheerleaders