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Because the player need to be able to shoot it in the square to be able to get the ball in the hoop.

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Q: Why do basket balls have squares?
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What is the collective noun for balls?

There is no specific collective noun for the noun balls, in which case a noun suitable for the situation can be used, such as a basket of balls, a rack of balls, a row of balls, etc.

Where did basket balls come from?

little rubber soccer balls

Are the dimensions of a netball hoop and basketball hoop the same?

No basket ball hoops are bigger because they user bigger balls .

What do basketball winners get?

they get basket balls

3 red and 4 blue balls are in a basket A member of PPTeam is drawing balls from the basket What is the probablity of getting the 3 red balls simultaneously?

The probability is 3/7 * 2/6 * 1/5 = 1/35.

What things are shaped liked a sphere?

The Planets and balls such as soccer balls, basket balls etc. but not footballs or rugby etc.

What is collective noun for balls?

There is no specific collective noun for the noun balls, in which case a noun suitable for the situation can be used, such as a basket of balls, a rack of balls, a row of balls, etc.

Where were the first basket balls made?

England, UK

Dark room there is a box with 16 white balls 14 green balls 17 blue balls 15 red balls you go in with a basket what is the least needed to get 4 the same?


Is the diameter of the rim the same as two basket balls?

no, its much smaller

How many basket balls did the NBA have to buy when the NBA was founded?


What is a portable air compressor used for?

It is used to inflate vehicle tire or sport balls like football,volleyball or basket balls.

What was the original basket made of in basketball?

umm lether balls TEEHEE no but i think

What is the root word in basketballs?

balls basket describes what type of ball it is

How much does a laundry basket full of golf balls weigh?

One golf ball weighs roughly 46 grams, so 46g times the number of Golf balls.

Why did dog die after his belly swelled up like a basketball?

Stop feeding him basket balls.

Whats the difference of a basketball and tennis ball?

basket balls are bigger than a tennis ball

What is that old computer game that has multiple balls that you have to trap in squares to move on?

Jezzball! Awesome game

What 3D shape has two triangles and 3 squares?

A triangular prism

Are basket balls rubber?

no there made of leather on the outside but with some rubber in the inside then just filled with air.

Can balling balls bounce?

it can because its a ball but not really because its heavy and its not like basket ball that not so heavy

What is a peach basket?

In the beginning, basketball was played with a peach basket nailed to a post. James Naismith wrote the rules and had his gym class play the game. The peach baskets did not have a hole in the bottom and when a team got a basket, they had to get the ball manually. He removed the bottom so they could poke the balls out using a long dowel.

What does it mean if you can stretch ten keys on the piano?

If you can stretch 10 keys on the piano, it means you can stretch an octave and two notes. It actually means nothing until you begin playing pieces where you need to fill in chords. A six foot player who can sink balls in a basket will make the basket ball team before a 7 foot player who can not throw balls in the basket. The 7 foot player has more potential to make the pros. Still, potential is not what matters. It is what you do with your potential.

What are balls?

Balls are a spherical shape that has the diameter of PiR2. These spherical object are made in many sizes both by man and by nature. When man made, it is usually a child's plaything and is made of rubber, latex, or other material. Many types of balls for sports exist. Some of the more common ones are soccer balls, basket balls, footballs, rugby balls, golf balls, and tennis balls. Note that all these objects are different sizes designed for the sport in which it is used.

Why do some tennis balls bounce higher than others?

Tennis balls die! A tennis ball is pressurized, Over time the pressure is released. = to a flat tire or basket ball.