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no, its much smaller

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Q: Is the diameter of the rim the same as two basket balls?
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What is the diameter of an official regulation basketball rim?

Today's basket is an 18-inch-diameter (46 cm) metal rim, with a 15-or 18-inch-long (38 or 46 cm), open-ended nylon net extending belowit.

How do you Replace a bicycle rim?

With considerable effort. First you need to find another rim that's near an exact match - same spoke count, same diameter where the spoke sits, same diameter where the tire sits. Then you have to undo the spokes one by one and hook them up to the new rim. Then to get the rim round, true centered and tight.

Dimensions of basketball board?

The backboard of a basketball goal is typically 1.80 meters by 1.05 meters in area. The diameter of the rim of the basket is 0.45 meters.

What is a basketball rim made of?

Peach basket

What is the width of basketball rim?

The diameter of the rim is 18 inches.

What part of the basket should you shoot at?

aim at the front of the rim or a bit in front of the rim

What is the height of the basketball basket rim?

10 feet

What did we use in 1891 as a basketball rim?

A peach basket.

What is the distance from the floor to basket rim?

10 feet

Why is the radius of the circle half the diameter?

The radius of a circle is the distance from the centre to the rim. The diameter is the distance fron rim to rim passing through the centre point. It therefore follows that the radius is half the diameter

Do bigger rims effect odometer?

Depends. It's not the rim diameter that's important, but the overall diameter of the rim + tire combo. If the overall diameter changes, your odo and your speedo will be off. Bigger diameter, they will read low. Smaller diameter and the'll read high. But if you can go for a bigger rim, and a more low profile tire, then it's possible to ge the overall diameter to stay the same, and your gauges will still read true.

What is the diameter for basketball rim?


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