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because they bring entertainment to us

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Q: Why do athletes make so much money?
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Why do professional athletes make so much money?

Because someone is willing to pay them that much.

Why Athletes are overpaid?

"Overpaid" is an opinion in a Capitalist economy. Athletes are paid so highly because they are in very high demand, and the sport industries make a significant amount of money off of this demand. Because the industries make so much money, they pay as much as they can to attract the best players to play for their team, as most players are going to play for whoever offers them the most money. If society wanted to reduce athletes' pay, the way to do that would be to eliminate the demand of athletes and the industry would no longer profit.

How much athletes paid for breaking world record?

A lot of money, so much that they should donate some of their winnings to people that have very little.

Why do professional athletes get paid so much?

because their me

How much money can you make by being a missionary doctor?

however much you fundraise. Its not about the money, so don't expect much.

Why do people take so much coal?

to make money

Should baseball players make so much money?


How does the nfl make so much money?

it sells tickets

How much money do athletes get in a year?

well it depends who sponsors you if it is something like Nike or puma in one race u could get 100,00 so in a year you would get a lot of money .

How much money does a Time Warner Cable Company technician make?

I make about 90,000 a year so we do make good money!!

Is it right that so much money is being spent on making movies?

I don't understand. Do you have a problem with the people that make the movies spending their money to make it? Athletes get paid a lot, TV stars get paid alot Where will this end? Personally I have less of a problem with the money that is spent making movies then I have with the money the government seems to make disappear. Food for thought. This seems like a question that is asking for an opinion.

Why are athletes paid so much?

because they entertain u

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