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This habit doesn't exist strictly among olympic swimmers; many competitive swimmers splash or feel the water before a race. Some may use the water to adjust goggles or caps, others prefer to wet themselves in order to prepare for the temperature difference (competition pools must be between 25-28 °C (77-82 °F)).

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Q: Why do Olympic swimmers wet themselfs before a race?
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In which Olympic race do swimmers get to choose their own stroke?

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Are there touch pads that swimmers must touch to win?

yes there are touch pads in the olympic swimming pools that the swimmers have to touch to win the race.

Why do swimmers splash themselves with water before a race?

Splashing water on themselves helps their bodies adjust to the temperature of the water before the race.

What are the qualifications to be a swimmer in the Olympics?

for swimming there is a meet called Olympic trials to reach that point there are tie standards you must reach. From that point the swimmers swim once in prelims where the top 16 move on to semi finals once the swimmers swim here the Field narrows even more down to 8 swimmers finally the swimmers swim one last race in the finals the top two swimmers in that race go to the Olympics

Where and in what position do swimmers begin the race?

Swimmers begin their race on the blocks. They bend down and grab the block, then dive off.

If the Olympic pool in Beijing is 3 meeters deep what do the swimmers stand on in the pool after a race?

They don't. Notice that they're either hanging on the lane line, grabbing the wall, or treading water.

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It is not always, many events are relays with four swimmers. But most events for swimming are individual, as swimming is often described as a personal race against the clock.

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