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He started because his brother gave him a skateboard for his birthday

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Q: Why did tony hawks start skate bording?
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Who is on Tony Hawks skate team?

Tony Hawk.......

What is tony hawks best skate board brand?


When did Tony Hawk start skate boarding?

Tony Hawks started skating at the age of 9. He was crowned vertical skating world champion 12 years in a row.

Where do you get replacement batteries for tony hawks skate board remote control toy?


Can you get off your skate board in skate 1 the video game?

no the point of the game is to skate it is nothing like tony hawks skateboarding games why? cause the game is made by EA

What does tony hawk's house look like?

tony hawks backyard is big with a skate park in it a big pool and to miniture lakes!!! it awesome!!!

When Tony Hawk start skateboarding?

Tony hawk was 9 when he started skate boarding

How do you create a skate park on tony hawks project 8?

unfortunatly you cant only for underground and everything else

Which is better Tony Hawk or skate?

I would say that skate is considerably better than Tony Hawks for many reasons, one being that it is more realistic or that the controls are better. Skate is much better because it has much more to do and it allows you to be much more creative than Tony Hawk games allow you to be and plus skate features some amazing skaters.

What is the band who sang shakedown for Tony Hawks downhill jam?

The Start

Tony Hawks birthplace?

Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk was born on May 12, 1968 in Carlsbad, California. He is the most famous skate boarder of all time.

Who does Tony Hawk skate for?

Tony hawk used to skate for birdhouse but know he does not skate he has retired

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