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for scooping out throws

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Q: Why did they make the baseball glove long at first?
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How do you Make the strings on a baseball glove stay tied?

A knot.

Why is the first base mans glove different?

The main objective of the first baseman is to catch the ball. A larger glove or mitt, would be an advantage. Infielders need to catch the ball and quickly transfer the baseball from glove to hand, to make a throw. A smaller glove has an advantage. The infielder also needs to have a feel for the ball to help grab the ball or handle tough ground balls. The first baseman's glove or mitt has extra padding and leather to protect the hand from hard throws.

Is the rawlings longhorn fastback dark brown series glove a softball glove?

No, the glove is intended for baseball, by fielders and pitchers who want a little longer glove for scooping up balls. It can be used for softball, bit does not have a larger pocket that would make a strictly softball glove better.

What were the first softballs made out of?

A boxing glove, tied together to make the shape of a ball.

How do you make a good player on mlb the show08?

throw out your ps3 or xbox purchase a baseball glove and baseball bat and play baseball without pressing (X)

How do you make a sequin glove?

Choose the glove and the sequins the same colour as you want your glove. Sew the sequins onto the glove one by one. This may take a long time but it will be worth it when you see the finished item. If it's a Michael Jackson glove you're after you can buy one from a website. Hope I helped xx

What size baseball glove should you buy your 7 year old?

It depends on the size of your child. Most 7 yr olds are going to wear an 11"-11 1/2" glove. Make sure that you get a glove that is easy for them to squeeze when it is on their hand.

How are baseball gloves made?

Making a baseball glove is the hardest thing in the world to make out of leather. The average glove takes approx 3hrs to produce. See video from Akadema on how gloves are made.

How can you pitch faster?

Try having a higher leg kick during your windup. Also, make sure you push off of the rubber and once your separate your glove and the hand with the baseball tuck your glove in with your body.

When did Neumann Tackified Glove Co. last make the Flytrap fielders glove?

in 1864

What materials are used to make a baseball glove?

the best gloves are made from leather. Some kids' gloves are made from synthetics or plastic.

What should every baseball make sure he has before the game starts?

Glove, bat, cup, uniform, helmet, cleats, and gum.

What is a small mitt baseball glove good for?

nothing really, unless it's your size Many players like smaller gloves for quicker exchange from glove to hand. Speed of game forces higher level players to get rid of ball quicker. Baseball glove manufacturers like Akadema and Rawlings make gloves specifically for this reason

How is baseball glove made?

To make a baseball glove is the hardest thing to do in the world with leather. It requires 33 different pieces of leather to make a final glove. Usually, labor on the glove is approx 3.5 hours and a special sewing machine is used to piece them all together. Gloves pieces include: shell, palm, inner lining, welting, binding and lacing. See great Akadema videos on how gloves are made. Akadema seems to be the experts in glove making.

What is the best baseball glove for 6 year old child?

The best glove for a 6 yr old would be anything soft and with a sizeable pocket. approx. 11inch glove with a pocket to hold a ball. Too many youth gloves are built for aesthetics and not for functionality. Glove manufactures make gloves for youth that are designed to catch. Try glove maker in the business

How do you catch a foul ball in baseball safely?

1st use a glove If no glove is available make sure that as you catch the ball move your hand in the direction the ball is moving there by increasing the time it take for the ball to decelerate

When was a suede used to make a baseball?

suede is not used to make baseball gloves. Suede is heavy and too high in tensile strength. Shane Victorino has a suede glove made by Akadema a few years back.

How long did it take Galileo to make the first telescope?

How long did it take Galileo to make the first telescope?

Who was the first person to make a baseball bat?

Christopher Ray Cantu was the first peron to make a baseball bat. It was made out of wood.

What should every baseball player make sure he has before the game starts?

glove, bat, cup, uniform, helmet, cleats, gum

What rhymes with make love?

fake glove

Why is a first basemans glove bigger than a normal baseball glove?

The first baseman's glove is longer with a deeper pocket and generally not as wide as other infielder's gloves to help them catch balls thrown from the infielders. The majority of plays the second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop make are on ground balls and popups.The majority of playsthe first baseman makes are on throws from another infielder. Thelongerglove gives the first baseman an extra few inches to be able to catch the ball and the shorter width and deeper pocket is for a better grip of the ball once it is caught.

Can one time sex make girl pregnent?

no, as long as you do it upside down standing on one hand wearing a glove and a scarf

How do you wear in a new baseball glove?

The most natural and best way to do this is to just use the glove. Playing catch is ideal for breaking in a glove, but it can also take a while for it to get worn in all the way. Besides this, they make oil and foam that can be rubbed into gloves to loosen the leather. You can buy these at most sports stores (Dicks sells them for sure). Try putting a baseball in the pocket of the glove, and tying the glove closed over the ball with a rubber band ot string. Keep it this way for several hours (overnight).

Do they still make hutch baseball glove?

The trademark of Hutch Cincinnati was trasfferred to the new company which I am working with. It will be a plan to re-build the complete product line very soon. By the way, what kind of Hutch Basball glove are you looking for?