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Because they did not know that seams were important yet. They find out that seams are very useful so they then added seams

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Q: Why did they make baseballs with no seams?
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Why do basketballs have fake seams?

because you don't need real seams to make a basketball.

Who makes MLB baseballs?

Rawlings make Official Major League Baseballs

What should you do when throwing a softball?

Grip it across (or against) the seams. Gripping it with the seams will make it curve.

What is the zig zag stitch used for?

to finish seams and edges, make buttonholes, and to sew special seams.

What does MLB do with used baseballs?

Used baseballs are either thoroughly cleansed to be used in other games, used in batting practice, or recycled to make new baseballs.

What are the best baseballs?

The best baseballs are Rawlings leather baseballs. These baseballs are found at Dicks Sporting Goods. Rawlings leather baseballs are the baseballs the pro's use.

How do baseball seams help a Baseball?

The seams on a baseball help the ball curve when a slider or some other breaking pitch is thrown. The seams catch the air and make the ball move when thrown correctly.

Why do Major League Baseball pitchers rub baseballs?

To evenly distribute the dirt on the ball. Also, to push down the leather part so the seams will show more. The more the seams show the more the baseball will move during delivery. Sometimes it becomes a habit, and they feel they can get a better grip.

Different types of lapped seams?

A lapped seam is one of the four major types of seams. The types of lapped seams are bound seams and Hong Kong seams.

Will they make a movie or episode about naruto and the dragon sword?

It seams unlikely

What does is mean when the stitch on a baseball is blue and red?

It means nothing! But however if it is like that it is an unofficial baseball as legit baseballs have only red seams/stitches! Those are typically designed for recreational use only!

Why do they have different sized seams on a softball?

I am not sure why it has different sized seams but I know why it has seams. The seams help it spin . When you spin it it goes faster. try researching

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