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because they were too big and sometimes they didnt get along

AnswerProbably because WCW was struggling for ratings and thought..."hey...we can't have D-X, but NWO is working nice and brings in ratings...oh I got an idea, what's better than one NWO...two...ya that'll bring in the ratings" didn't, and WCW's gone :)


what they said...

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Q: Why did the nWo spit into nwo white and wolfpac?
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Who all is in NWO?

Hollywood Hogan, x-PAC, Shawn Michaels[shortly], and a bunch more people. ---------- New World Order (aka NWO) was a wrestling stable from WCW. When the WWF bought out WCW they brought in Hogan, Hall and Nash to revive the NWO. There was also a NWO Japan which wrestled with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Between the three wrestling promotions the NWO was around from July 1996 - July 2002. There were 49 members over the six years. This is not including the nWo referees or the Nascar race driver. Here are the names and which NWO they were apart of. AKIRA (nWo Japan) Big Bubba Rogers (nWo) Big Titan (nWo Japan) Booker T (nWo WWF) Bret Hart (nWo 2000) Brian Adams (nWo, nWo Japan, nWo Hollywood, nWo B Team) Buff Bagwell (nWo, nWo Japan, nWo Hollywood, nWo Elite) Curt Hennig (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac, nWo B Team) David Flair (nWo Elite) Dennis Rodman (nWo, nWo Hollywood) Disco Inferno (nWo Elite) Don Harris (nWo 2000) Dusty Rhodes (nWo, nWo Hollywood) Eric Bischoff (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Elite) Goldust (nWo WWF) Hiro Saito (nWo Japan) Hiroyoshi Tenzan (nWo Japan) Hollywood Hogan (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Elite, nWo WWF) Horace Hogan (nWo Hollywood, nWo B Team) Jeff Jarrett (nWo 2000) Kevin Nash (nWo, nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite, nWo 2000, nWo WWF) Konnan (nWo, nWo Wolfpac) Lex Luger (nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite) Masahiro Chono (nWo Japan) Michael Wallstreet (nWo Japan) Michiyoshi Ohara (nWo Japan) Miss Elizabeth (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite) nWo Sting (nWo, nWo Japan) Randy Savage (nWo, nWo Wolfpac) Rick Rude (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac) Ron Harris (nWo 2000) Samantha (nWo Elite) Satoshi Kojima (nWo Japan) Scott Hall (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite, nWo 2000, nWo WWF) Scott Norton (nWo, nWo Japan, nWo Hollywood, nWo B Team) Scott Steiner (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo Elite, nWo 2000) Shawn Michaels (nWo WWF) Stevie Ray (nWo Hollywood, nWo B Team) Sting (nWo Wolfpac) Syxx (nWo) Tatsutoshi Goto (nWo Japan) Ted DiBiase (nWo) The Big Show (nWo WWF) The Disciple (nWo, nWo Hollywood) The Giant (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo B Team) The Great Muta (nWo Japan) Vincent (nWo, nWo Hollywood, nWo B Team) V.K.Wallstreet (nWo) X-Pac (nWo WWF)

Who is the artist of the NWO theme song?

The nWo Wolfpac theme artist is C-Murder of No Limit Records

What is the name of The Band's TNA entrance music?

Nwo Wolfpac Theme

What is the name of the nwo wolfpac theme song?

It was called "Wolfpac is Back" and it was used in 1998-1999 (I think) Hope that helps

Did sting really go into the nwo wolfpac?

yes sting did, he tricked hogan and the big show by wearing the nWo t-shirt but then he attacked them revealing the nWo wolfpack t shirt and in the future he wore red face paint

Has Rey mysterio ever been damasked?

Yes! In WCW in 1999 when LWO was forced to spilt after the reformation of nWo Hollywood and Wolfpac, Mysterio kept the LWO colours on and as a result was attacked by the nWo, this attack led to a 'Hair vs Mask' match against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall of nWo. Mysterio lost, and therefore his mask was removed.

Is the NWO going to TNA?

Yes, But due to copyrights(WWE owns the name NWO). NWO will not be able to be called the NWO. They are called "The Band"

Did the unifide nwo wolfpac last until the end of wcw if it didnt how did it end?

I belive Hulk Hogan was in there and he became a good guy {face} and they wre split up.

What is the name of the song NWO WCW?

plzz tell me who had sung the song of nwo

Will the nWo form in tna?

no because wwe owns the rights to the NWO title

Is NWO getting back together?

i do believe that the nwo is getting back together

When will NWO take over the globe?

Considering NWO was disbaned about 12 years ago never.

Who was in the NWO in World Wrestling Entertainment?

THE NWO was never in WWE that was WCW Hey idiot that answer this question is stupid the nWo had Hall,Nash,Hogan at first then HBK, Booker T and Big Show

Thq why the nwo music is not in smackdown vs raw in 2009 or is it?

Yes your right the nwo music is not in SvR09.

Is dx better than nwo?

as far as entertaining goes dx far better than nwo

Which came first wcw or nwo?

WCW...NWO was a faction that existed within WCW for a few years.

Is cm punk joining nwo?

No. The NWO is a legendary faction in which Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash etc were members. However, the faction was dissolved many years ago. Most of them have retired from wrestling and hence there is no way NWO can be re-formed. So, there is no way Punk can join the NWO.

Who was the leader of the nwo?

Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash were the two leaders of NWO during different time periods.

What are the release dates for NWO - 2013?

NWO - 2013 was released on: USA: 4 July 2013

Who sings the nwo black and white theme?

Jimi Hendrix. Song called Roadhouse.

What did lex luger wear in nwo?

black and white shirt with light blue jeans

Is alex Jones right about the nwo?

yes, but the nwo can be stopped however, it is up to u to stop

Will the nWo reunite?

no NWO will not reunite because Scott hall does not wrestle Kevin Nash is in tna and hulk hogan is to old to wrestle

When will the NWO reunite?

They won't

What does nwo stand for?

nWo: New World Order of professional wrestling