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The nWo Wolfpac theme artist is C-Murder of No Limit Records

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Q: Who is the artist of the NWO theme song?
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Who wrote the nwo theme song rockhouse?

Frank Shelley

What is the nwo theme song called?

New World Order

What is the theme song of wcw vs nwo revenge?


Who sings the nwo black and white theme?

Jimi Hendrix. Song called Roadhouse.

What was Hulk hogan's theme song in 2002?

His current theme song is "nWo Original Theme" (Rockhouse remix). It is composed by Jimmy Hart.

What is the name of the song NWO WCW?

plzz tell me who had sung the song of nwo

Who is the Artist for Edges theme song?

Edge's theme song is called ''Metalingus'' by Alter Bridge.

Which artist performed the WrestleMania 22 theme song?

Paul Gabreil did the theme song, "Big Time"

Who is the artist of the song Yoshi Tatsu's theme song?

it is Jim Johnson

What is the title of Showtime's Californication theme song I am aware who the artist is Tree Adams I am looking for the title of the song?

Hank's Theme.

Who is the artist of the Xena theme song?

john sings it himself

Who is the artist that sings who are you The csi las Vegas theme song?

The Who