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yes sting did, he tricked hogan and the big show by wearing the nWo t-shirt but then he attacked them revealing the nWo wolfpack t shirt and in the future he wore red face paint

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โˆ™ 2009-06-20 11:39:01
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Q: Did sting really go into the nwo wolfpac?
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There is no treatment but if you have severe symptoms go to the hospital and if they are really bad then you might need anti-venom

If you put a penny on a bee sting will the bee sting go away?


Can you go swimming after a bee sting?

well my answer is maybey not or i don't know becaus really i haven't gotten stinged and then go swimming so id say no

Do carpenter bees let go of their stinger when they sting you?

yes they do infact they die when they sting you

Where did sting go on TNA?

Steve Sting Borden went to the rafters or home he is semi retired

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Apply pressure if really bad and go to the Dr, gargle with listerine mouth wash if not to bad (IT WILL STING A LITTLE)

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no sting will never sign with the wwe he said in an interview a while go

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No dirt dobbers do not sting, however that doesn't mean I would go messing with them. Posted by, member yipyapzap if they don't sting, why worry about messing with them? and are you really really sure they don't sting??? although i have never been stung by one, i have heard folks say they DO sting, but they arent as aggressive as yellow jackets or bees. whatever it is buzzing around may or may not be a stinger. noone REALLY knows unless they have been stung!!

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Because the sting on a pH scale is classed as an alkali and vinegar is an acid, so to balance the sting, add acid and on the pH scale it will go back to neutral.

Can a scorpian sting itself?

Yes if you put alcohol on it says the myth, itll go crazy and sting itself to death.

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Go to the doctor or ER.

What effects do wasp sting have?

They make you go aaahhh ouch

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With a scorpion, it would actually be a sting instead of a bite. The sting will likely be painful and swell a bit. It might go numb around the sting itself.

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because the sting in a pH scale is classed scientiffically as an alkali, and vinegar is an acid,so to balance the sting,add acid and on the pH scale it will go back to neutral

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ice pack

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if it is on the child's foot try not to walk on it SOMETIMES IT MAY TAKE A WEEK OR LESS OR MORE FOR THE BEE STING TO GO DOWN 1. rub garlic on the sting 2. mix baking soda with water and put it on sting 3. put ice on the sting 4. salt water pools help to the swelling will go down 5. soak in salt water 6. DONT ITCH THE STING!! 7. GOOD LUCK!

When do you go to the doctors for a bee sting?

You should go right away if possible ! If not put a bag of ice on it !

Why Does your penis sting when you urinate?

Your penis might be infected , go to a doctor for help.

How much does a airsoft gun hurt?

It will give you a little sting then go away