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The ancient Greeks organized the ancient Olympics as a dedication to god Zeus. The event was held in the Olympia plains in Greece.

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Q: Why did the ancient Greeks hold the olympic games?
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Why did the ancient Greeks hold the Olympian Games?

The ancient Greeks would hold the Olympic games to honor Zeus. They would come together every four years to honor him.

Why did greek hold the Olympic games?

The Ancient Greeks held their Olympic Games to honor the God of Gods, Zeus

Did the ancient greeks stop war and fighting to hold the olympic games?


Why was Olympia so important to the ancient Greeks?

It was the first place to hold the Olympic games

Why did the Greeks hold the olympic games?

In honar of their great gods.

When and where did ancient Greeks hold festivals, and why were they important?

In 776 BC at the Olympic Festival. Important to honor the gods & goddesses.

Why did ancient Greeks hold festivals?

They were religious festivals in honour of one of the gods - ranging from Olympic (Zeus) and other games to play festivals like the Athenian City Dionysia (Dyonysius).

Why is Greece first on the list in the opening ceremony?

Because Greece was the first country to hold the olympic games The ancient Greeks created and were the first to host the Olympics. That's why the Olympic games held 8 years ago in Greece was such a meaningful and historic event.

How often did the ancient greek hold the olympic games?

every four years.

Did ancient Rome hold the Olympics?

No. Ancient Greece was the home of the Olympics. Rome did finally host the Olympic Games in 1960.

Why were the Greeks able to hold the Olympic Games even through war?

cuz they r totally awersum!! rite darr

What year did the first olympic games hold?

The Olympic Games were first hold in 1896.

Why did they hold the ancient Olympics?

In ancient times, Greek societies held the Olympic games (as well as various other, similar athletic contests) for primarily religious reasons. Athletic contests were considered to be favored by the Greek gods; they were also offered as a kind of reverence for and homage to those same gods. Another motivation was at work, as well: the Greeks were a fiercely competitive people, and the Olympic games gave them the opportunity for individual and social glory.

Did the ancient Greeks have tea?

The ancient Greeks drank something called camomile which was belevied to hold therapeutic components

What are the top facts about ancient Greece?

#1. they were the first to hold the very first olympic games #2.

Why did greeks hold the olympic games?

The first Olympic games were held in Greece as a way to bring people together and show who was better. This was so the people who won could have bragging rights without having countries go to war and kill each other.

How did ancient Greeks hold the floors together?

With concrete

Why did the ancient Greeks use columns?

To hold up the roof.

What are the rights of ancient Greeks?

Ancient Greeks were given rights as long as they were white males. They had the right to vote and hold public office, as well as own property.

Where does the olympics bring peace?

In ancient Greece every four years all wars would be put on hold while the Olympic games took place.

Why did ancient Greeks use cylindrical columns?

To hold up the building

When did Great Britain last hold the Olympic Games and where?

London, England has hosted the Olympic Games in 1908 and 1948.

Did the Spartans or the Athenians participate in the Olympic Games?

Actually, they did hold Olympic Games and we can infer that if they held them, then they participated in them. Although their Olympic games are a bit different because they gave unusuall tests for their athletes.

How many olympic games have been held in United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom will hold its third olympic games this year

Did Spain hold the olympic games?

yes they did in 1808